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22 May

How Technology Is Changing Travel Industry

The advent of new technologies has helped the travel industry to grow and develop in new dimensions which did not exist a couple of years ago. It has taught the travel industry many innovative and new ways to operate. Tour agencies and tour operators are now able to meet the customer expectation and satisfaction more efficiently leading to a brand reputation of the industry.

Below we shall discuss how technology is changing the travel industry and what can we learn from the new changes.

World of Internet Technology

Perhaps, we’re are the luckiest generation to live where we have access to the internet. The affordability and accessibility of the internet usage, have brought an impact to the travel industry both to the “sellers and the buyers.” For instance, travellers can now find directions to points of interest, get travel ideas such as finding best destinations to visit or sharing their travel experiences with their allies through the social media platforms. Travel agencies, on the other hand, give timely responses and facilitate quick bookings to the satisfaction of their clients.


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Air Transport Advancement

Technology has brought the innovation of bigger planes with capacities to carry many travellers with Airbus 380 which can carry up to 853 passengers. This is a high boost to the travel industry which mainly relies on the air transportation of its clients from one location to another. Some good news is that some of the airlines are cost-effective as they sometimes lower the flight charges with the aim of attracting more customers.



Mobile Phone Evolution

The mobile technology has dramatically impacted how technology is changing the travel industry. Travellers are now able to book flights, packages, accommodations and even car rental when sitting on their sofas using the smartphones. A statistics done in 2015 showed that the travel and tourism app is the 7th most downloaded app category. It continued to reveal that 60% of smartphone users downloaded this app and 45% in this group uses it regularly to plan for holiday trips. Today, 85% people use their smartphones to plan their leisure trip holiday.



Emergence of Chatbots

Many business industries including the travel industry have adopted the usage of chatbots that helps to reach and communicate with clients. Clients are now able to communicate with tour agencies or operators through the AI chat messaging irrespective of where they are, either at home, on the plane or in their holiday destinations.

In conclusion, we can say that the future of the travel industry will rely and depend on technology.  Therefore, tour agencies and operators have to keep it in mind how to continuously improve their services so that they can sustain this competitive industry. They need to seek and adopt every advantage that technology is bringing forth.

Let us know what do you think about how technology can help to improve the travel experience. Share your ideas with us.

11 May

How to Build your Travel Brand?

Branding can easily be defined as the perception or image that comes to a client’s mind about your product or service even before you tell them. Travel agencies need to concentrate much on their branding because it outwardly gives the impression about that agency even before its services are known.

Travel companies should ask themselves why business companies like Coca-Cola never stop branding and re-branding their product. Your image means a lot to your clients. As a matter of fact, an agent’s physical appearance, dressing code can tell if he’ll get the business.

Below I outline few steps on how to build your travel brand.

Have the Right Logo

Your logo should be a captivating image that leaves a memory in the minds of your clients either on your business card or website. It should be a communicating tool that creates an identity, invites old and new clients, giving you an upper hand with your competitors.

Power of the Name.

What is the name of your agency? Names give clients a more in-depth knowledge of your services. Your name should be appealing, informing and creating awareness of your service.

Be Consistent

Don’t be hit and run business that appears once after a long time. Don’t make a mistake of changing your brand now and then; you will confuse your clients. And whether there’s business or no business, always keep your agency operational. Keep posting travel alerts on your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Let your clients hear from you!

Do a detailed Research

It’s actually required to do thorough research on the name and logo you are to give your agency; or else you find yourself fighting lawsuits for using someone else’s name, logo, or trademark. Research also helps you to know who your competitors are and what they offer different from yours. It will also help you to understand who your potential customers are.

Advertise Aggressively

Don’t be ashamed to talk about your travel brand. Whether it’s a new agency or a non-existing one spread its services to those near and far from you. Spend both time and money advertising it, and you will be building a robust, non-comparable firm brand.

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11 May

How To Excel as A Good Travel Advisor

In this competitive world, both professionalism and perfectionism are required to achieve success. Travel advisors who aren’t “good” and skilful in the services they give, will eventually lose morale, get tired and go home.

A travel advisor who masters the effectiveness of being a top agent will by no means attract more travellers in his network.

Below I outline the top eight secrets behind a good – successful travel advisor.

Never Stop Learning

An excellent and successful advisor never stops learning. He’s always increasing his knowledge and skills to not only offer the best customer service but also have a specialization. If you got a certificate in travel-related training, plan to scale it up & get a diploma, bachelor or master level certification. Travel knowledge is needed in this competitive era. To know more about how formal training helps travel advisors, read our blog here.

Understand Your Clients

You can’t be a good travel advisor if you don’t understand your clients. Know exactly what they want, how they want it and where they want it. Your work is to give appropriate advice where it’s needed.

Have A Right Attitude

It is such an uphill task when we have to preach a gospel that we don’t believe in. You might not have travelled so wide, but reading about the place itself will give you the right attitude to be a great travel advisor. To improve your attitude watch travel documentaries, visit official tourism board websites, follow travel influencers, etc. You will be amazed how much interest you can develop in places that you haven’t visited.

Get In Touch With Hotels To Get Their Rates

Many hotels always have discounted rates which they offer to travel agents. As a travel agent, get hotel details and contacts and create a good rapport with them. You will make high sales, attract more customers and your business will never go dwindling.

Encourage Local Tourism

Sometimes we feel that the tourism experience is meant for foreigners or people with so much disposable income. This can be overridden by practically planning short and affordable tours and trips around the country. For example, a hike to the Menengai Crater in Nakuru, Kenya or a road trip to the famous Maasai Mara or even an Easter vacation to Mauritius. These are a few examples that can help you make a proper itinerary as a travel advisor.

Take Advantage of Travel Opportunity

As a travel advisor, you must be excited about any opportunity that crops up to travel any part of the world. If you enter a competition that awards you with a safari – I will advise – go for it. Prepare your travel bag and find out about the safari that you could win.

Share Your Stories

Wherever you go, talk about it. Document whatever you see, the games you play, the food you eat, the entertainment sessions, the saunas the boat rides, the dinners – post them all over your social media – and you will be a convincing travel advisor. Please don’t wait for an attractive model to pose for your photos. You are the best model and the best travel agent, right?

Provide Options

A traveller won’t want to feel stuck with one way of the itinerary. A great travel advisor will provide options because things may change along the way and the client needs to know what his options are.

In addition to the above points, you are the only one who can master the skills to be the best travel consultant.

And finally, remember that we’re in a competitive world that demands the BEST!


If you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to share the goodness. Share it with your friends, colleagues or anybody who aspires to excel as a Travel Advisor.

11 May

5 Effective Ways Formal Training Helps Travel Advisors

There are many challenges met by travel advisors who haven’t gone through formal training. These problems include mishandling clients, giving misleading information and deceiving clients for more profitable gains. Another challenge, though a minor one is that of a language barrier. Knowledge of only one language can lead to dissatisfactory holiday to the clients. Most formal travel training institutions encourage agents to know more than one language.

Today’s travel agencies are looking for learned advisors with diplomas, bachelors or master’s degrees of various subjects in tourism, hospitality, business, communication, marketing or any related studies. And we can bet the effectiveness of this progressive step for the travel industry, right? All this leads to the attempt of re-shaping and re-molding the travel industry to gain its roots of competence.

So how will formal training help travel advisors?

Enhancement of Good Customer Relationship

Due to the professional skills, the travel advisors have acquired in their training; you can be sure of their impact on service delivery. With in-depth knowledge on how to relate well with the client, the advisors will quickly understand the client’s needs and want, giving them a satisfying package.

Create Confidence

Giving a satisfactory package to the client in conjunction with formally handling him will trigger the client to create confidence with the travel advisor. And whenever this confidence is created, be lest assured that you had won the heart of that client. The happy client will not hesitate to sell your service to his/her friends, and you can bet the remarkable reputation the advisor will have created for himself.

Intensive Knowledge of the Industry

The fact that the travel advisor has undergone formal training indicates that he has an intense knowledge of the travel industry. He becomes a reliable advisor who can direct the client to holiday destinations that suit the client’s interest. His expertise about specific a location is a guarantee that he can re-plan a client package.

Growth and Productivity.

No doubt that continuous learning is essential for consistent growth. The more knowledge and wisdom of a particular field, the more assurance of its growth. Travel agent’s mastery of their industry will indisputably increase both growth and productivity.

Career Investment

In business, we know that anything kept as an investment becomes an asset and gives financial assurance to the one who puts it about tomorrow’s fate. If you have all the knowledge, know-how and passion to a travel advisor, then you can use that knowledge to operate your agency.

A successful travel advisor ought to often attend travel seminars, conferences and, expos. For instance, the American Society of Travel Agents (ATSA) is famously known for holding such formal training that helps the travel agents to sightsee in their free time. Another association that holds such practice is the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA).

In conclusion, remember that the future of a travel advisor in this industry will depend on their aggressiveness towards being outstanding in today’s competitive market.

If you enjoyed reading our blog, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues in your social media accounts. For comments and opinions, kindly direct them to us, and we will give you quick feedback.

25 Apr

4 Unique Ways of Handling Your Clients

The number one reason why a traveler will approach a travel agent is that they believe you have the best info pertaining a holiday vacation they desire to have. Their expectation is concentrated on having a successful vacation from the booking process – all – the – way – to their accommodating hotels.

Building a positive relationship with your clients requires you to have a good understanding of their needs and want. The way you handle them will tell if you will create a long-term travel relationship or a one-time relationship.

Below are few points that will aid you how to understand and win the confidence of your client.

Listen Attentively

Most clients know where they are going and have an approximate cost for it. Your great work is to listen keenly and give appropriate advice accordingly. However, remember not all clients come into your office knowing what they want. For such clients, ask them questions like; what kind of vacation would you like? Do you have a preferred destination of your choice? What makes you choose there? Have you ever been there? As they open up to you, you will have broken the ice if they were your first-time clients.

Feel their Feeling & see their Sight

The clients have a feeling that you will give them a beautiful, memorable trip. Please don’t lower their high spirits. Show them how the vacation will be fantastic because you already know what they are going to see in their destination. If possible let them find more surprises when they reach there which was not on their itinerary.

Create a Rapport

Build a healthy relationship with your clients. Always ensure you keep communication open. For instance, call them to know if they arrived. Ask them whether things are flowing as they desired. Even after the vacation is over, don’t stop communicating with them. Your concern will make them fall in love with your services and be lest assured to get a good number of referrals.

Give Timely Feedback

Handle your customers with care especially when they ask/need something from you. Let your feedbacks be timely and if possible giving a satisfactory solution to their problems or questions. When they share how their trip was on their social media platforms (even if it’s a negative comment), be among the first to comment positively and show your concern.

Clients are delicate like eggs in a basket. You handle them, and you are good to go. You mishandle them, and off you walk on a sloppy-slippery ground.

25 Apr

Why Travel Agents Need Specialization?

Being a Travel Agent, you must have heard this all the time: Specialization. Why do people prefer a specialized travel agent? because they have extraordinary knowledge and experience about the particular type of travel or destination.
Earlier, people were dependent on travel agents to plan the entire itinerary for them and book the services right from transportation to local amenities. In this digital age, the dependency of travel agents has shifted drastically. Travelers are savvy and technically sound to plan and book their trip.
Like a consultant or an analyst, a travel counselor will attend to client questions, know their pain, and offer expert advice to guide them in making one of the most important decisions—how to spend the most awaited vacation time off.
Roger Block, the chairman of the Travel Leaders Franchise Group, said an agent profiler is an answer to what clients want today. “With all the research that clients are doing online, they are expecting to speak to someone more knowledgeable than what can be found on the Web,” he said. “You, the agent, had better be in the know. There’s no more bluffing.”

Becoming a specialized travel agent, you need some careful planning and exploration. Build on what you already know. Find your niche. Explore your own expertise and skills, and build your market.

For an instant, specializing in romantic travel may mean organizing a couple’s dream honeymoon or destination wedding.
There are many niche travel possibilities but building a successful business takes more than your travel agent expertise. Here are a few tips to consider.
1. Study demographics and interest of your target market.
2. Become an expert on what you claim to be.
3. Create & market your identity to the right place and people.
4. Stay focused on one area.
5. Identify & build your niche.

There is something special you know or do that motivates you to be a travel agent. Look at your interest and skills and stay focused towards them and be the expert you would like to be!

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  • 19 Apr

    Why Travel Agents Should Constant Self- Check and Deliver the Best Value

    Successful travel agents are visionaries with exceptional organisational abilities and people skills. Here is a list you can use to check whether you have what it takes to become a successful travel agent.

    No one can predict the future of the travel industry. But with speed it’s growing we can foretell that future will be brighter, bigger and better than is already today. Hence travel agents have a lot to do with catching up with this enormous growth. They need to acquaint themselves with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to woo all clients who come across them and not forgetting the savvy clients.

    1)    Professionalism is at Hand

    Having a specialization in travel & tourism will help dealing with clients better. Being in an era that demands both professionalism and specialisation, an agent needs to “upgrade” from the normalcy services to professional services.

    2)    Competitive Times

    We are in a competitive world that gives prizes to those who win. As an agent, evaluate your work and basing on your performance, give yourself a prize. If you aren’t happy with that prize, then you have to scale your performance to the best you can give.

    3)    Savvy Clients – A nightmare

    The advancement of innovation and technology which has led to the availability of internet and smartphones should make a travel agent have a self-check. Savvy clients are on the internet, and they are really “good” at it. You need to “know more than they know.” For instance, don’t just know that Dubai is a nice place for holiday vacation, they already know that. Have a deeper knowledge about Dubai. Which locality in Dubai has best, cheap and affordable hotels, are there free transport from a bus station to the hotel, if no; how much does taxi charge, does the hotel offer special amenities and which one exactly?  Agents need to do a lot of research to “update and upgrade” their travel knowledge.

    4)    Is there a Growth?

    Travel agents should always ask themselves this question, “ever since I joined the travel industry, have I grown?” Your growth should obviously be manifested by having a significant crowd attraction of clients on your network. Growth is a necessity for a successful travel agent.

    5)    Are You Profiting

    You are in business and that business ought to give you profit. If you don’t get profit, then there’s a problem somewhere. Play your cards well. Have a right strategy. Give the right, and appropriate travel services and the truth is, that clients will be on the hunt for you.

    6)    Maintain Your Reputation

    The last and not the least reason why I believe an agent need to have a constant self-check is to maintain a reputable reputation. If your reputation is worthwhile and attractive, it will ultimately sell and bring you many referrals indisputably.

    And lastly,

    Hire fresh blood. Inspire and mentor them to have a vision and become a role model for them.

    19 Apr

    Vantages in Online Travel Sales

    The world’s movement from analogue to digital, offline to online has brought a lot of non-stopping trends, excitements, and awareness that we are in a new era.  Almost all industries such as Hotel and hospitality, travel industry etc. have all had progressing share of equality due to this incredible era. The vantages of moving from offline to online are many but in this article let’s understand how shifting from offline to online will increase the travel sales.

    1). Connections with OTAs

    Even though some people treat the OTAs as greedy monsters whose mission is to empty all accounts of the traveler, many Online Travel Agents have cleaned up the wrong reputation that they have been given. Mintel did hotel research; a global market research company based in London in November 2016, showed that 36% of bookers book directly via the hotel websites, 33% use the third party channels, and 24% use the offline method to book for their packages. With such OTAs, it’s a good indicator that your online travel sales will automatically increase.

    2). Internet world

    In today’s generation most people, if not all, have connections and engagements with the internet. Some years back many people could not afford internet bundle charges; a phenomenon that is slowly becoming a history to be told. People are somehow glued to the internet surfing, chatting while some are on business. For instance, many hotels will sell accommodations on their websites, delicious cuisines with a heart-satisfying itinerary.  With photo images showing what they say, bookings start to increase and more efficiently if such hotels are near some attraction sites.

    3). It’s Cheap and affordable

    Unlike the offline travel sales which are somehow considered costly, online sales have been classified as cheap and affordable. This is probably due to hundreds of online travel websites targeting the clients. The competition becomes an advantage to the client who is left with the final decision to choose which online package is attractive and fits his wallet.

    4). Expansion of online payments platforms

    With the digital innovation and technology, payments of online services have primarily increased the world’s migration from offline to online. For instance, a few years ago you had to queue long lines in banks to pay for a specific service. But nowadays with accessibility to mobile banking via affordable smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops etc. online payments have become smooth and time redeeming.

    5). Help to reach out more destinations

    Through online travel sales, clients are exposed to a high number of attractions the site has listed in the hotels or OTAs websites. A sight of a particular location can drive a traveler to visit it for discoveries.

    6). Through Mobile Usage

    In forecast research on digital and mobile travel done in 2017 by eMarketer’s, it showed that many Americans were to use their smartphones and tablets to book for trip vacations. The research indicated that digital travel sales in the US would reach $189.62 billion, 40.0% which would come from mobile devices.

    It’s, therefore, indisputable to say that, the full embrace of travel sales from offline to online will profoundly boost the travel industry with unexpected margin.

    08 Mar
    Kartlis Deda: The Importance of Georgia's Most Famous Woman

    International Women’s Day in Georgia!

    International women day 2017

    As the world marks the International Women’s Day (IWD) today 8th March 2017, women across the globe are in high spirits as they celebrate this unique day. The international women’s day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This day also marks a call to action on accelerating gender parity.

    This year’s campaign theme is #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. It’s calling on all people to embrace a bold change to see the total liberalization of women in all aspects of life. And one country that has never been left behind in celebrating this special day is the rep of Georgia – a Caucasian country with outstanding beauty.

    In previous IWD celebrations women across this republic are seen in the streets demonstrating peacefully on the human rights and calling on masses to help forge a better working world – a more gender inclusive world.

    And this has led to the Government of Georgian to have a special respect for women. For instance, the Labor Code of Georgia has certain protection that prohibits race, color, language, ethnic or social origin, nationality, origin, property, birth, place of residence, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, membership of a religious , social, political or other associations, including the trade unions, by marital status,

    political or other opinion. In accordance to violence against women, Georgia enacted Law of Georgia on Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection and Support of Victims of Domestic Violence in 2006.

    Another good example of how the Government of Georgia honors and respects women is by allowing them to participate in military forces. Georgian is one among the world countries that have professional women jet fighters and helicopter pilots. You will also find women in the all types of Georgian armies.

    “There is no “explicit division of labor” according to gender, except in so-called “areas of physical labor” (an example is in the field of mining). The statue of Mother of Georgia (Kartlis Deda, or “Mother of Kartli”) that stands at a monument in the hills above Tbilisi perhaps best symbolizes such national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine with which she greets her friends and in her right is a sword drawn against her enemies.” (Wikipedia)

    Check out these other countries that celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) in style:

    In Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. Teresa Mattei chose the mimosa as the symbol of IWD in Italy because she felt that the French symbols of the day, violets and lily-of-the-valley, were too scarce and expensive to be used effectively in Italy. Yellow

    mimosas and chocolate are also one of the most common March 8 presents in Russia and Albania.

    In many countries, such as in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Colombia, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine the custom of giving women flowers still prevails. Women also sometimes receive gifts from their employers. Schoolchildren often bring gifts for their female teachers, too.

    In countries like Portugal and Italy groups of women usually celebrate on the night of March 8 in “women-only” dinners and parties.

    In Pakistan working women in formal and informal sectors celebrate International Women’s Day every year to commemorate their ongoing struggle for due rights, despite facing many cultural and religious restrictions. Some women working for change in society use IWD to help the movement for women’s rights. In Poland, for instance, every IWD includes large feminist demonstrations in major cities.

    “Each one of us – with women, men and non-binary people joining forces – can be a leader within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.” (IWD website)

    Forty Destinations wishes all women a Happy Women’s Day! We

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  • 01 Mar
    Spring Season in Azerbaijan

    Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan During Spring Vacation

    A visit to the land of “burning natural fires” should definitely be your next landing destination this spring season. And if aren’t aware what am talking about, let me take you to Azerbaijan republic, a nation that doesn’t regret its existence. Situated in the Caucasian region countries, the beautiful land of Azerbaijan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to natural beauty and tourism attractions.

    With Baku its capital city, Azerbaijan – commonly known as the land of fires – is one of the best countries to visit if you love sensational attractions. Baku has received amazing accreditation from tourists and bloggers across the globe.

    Below I outline reasons why you should start packing for a spring holiday destination in Azerbaijan.

    1. Baku City

    Baku City

    The naked truth is that Baku is a beautiful, amazing and alluring city. I haven’t seen a people who book a flight to Azerbaijan and they fail to have one day Baku city tour. There are dozens of attractions to view in this city which includes: the famous Baku Flame Towers, Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain), Musical Stone of Gobustan, Mud Volcanoes, Museum of Miniature Books just to mention but a few.

    Read: 8 Top things to do & see in Azerbaijan

    2. Novruz Holiday

    Novruz in Azerbaijan

    The Novruz Holiday – which is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO – is an annual holiday held in Azerbaijan in honor of the spring’s season arrival. The holiday brings together thousands of travelers from across the world that mingles with Azerbaijanis in making this holiday more colorful. The holiday starts on 21st March and runs for a period of four weeks. During this time a number of holiday traditions and rituals will absolutely amaze you. It’s also during the Novruz Holiday that locals visit one another, exchanging gifts and many sweets prepared in every family.

    3. Favorable Weather


    The spring season means that winter is gone till another year. During this season the weather becomes gradually warm. Nature returns to life. People free themselves from topcoats. Plants are seen reviving and with a short time their beautiful bright colors attracts any eye watching.

    4. World of Mugham

    World of Mugham

    This is an International Mugham festival which is mostly held in March. During this tourist attracting festival, renowned professional mugham art and famous singers of popular music genre meet in Azerbaijan within the framework of festival, and in parallel with contests of mugham

    singers, numerous mugham operas and symphonic concerts and classical mugham, international scientific symposiums are also held here. This festival ends with a gala concert which brings full house at the Baku Heydar Aliyev Palace.

    Read: Important festival and events in Azerbaijan

    5. Gabala/ Qubala


    Qubala city is approximately 225 km from Baku city. The city also called Gabala is an old city in Azerbaijan with rich and ancient history. Having been a capital city of Albania for 600 years in the past, the city has a number of historical and cultural monuments of different eras. The town has beautiful camping sites, breathtaking nature, amazing recreation sites and well developed infrastructure attracting thousands of traveler’s annually. Other attractions in this city include the Russian forest, famous Chestnut forest, river valleys and picturesque villages and many more. It’s on record that Gabala is another major tourist hot spot due to its welcoming nature and well developed infrastructure. Ensure you enjoy a cableway ride in this little Switzerland town.

    6. Quba Tour

    Quba azerbaijan

    Walk down the town of Quba and you will enjoy the site of beautiful attractions. And one of the major sights is the 1918 Quba Genocide Memorial complex. This is a mass grave found in 2007 where thousands

    of soldiers and civilians died when Armenia Bolshevik forces attacked and ravaged this town. Other attractions include two 19th centuries’ mosques that is, Juma and Sakina Khanum Mosques. Sakina Khanum mosque was built with red bricks and is similar to a faceted cylinder offering an amazing vista. Along the streets you will also find carpet weaving shops and please ensure you buy one!

    7. Absheron Tour


    A vacation trip to Azerbaijan is not complete without visiting the Absheron region. This is an awesome area where true wonder is found. Don’t be surprised to find burning fires caused by natural gases. But the famous attraction in this region is the Ateshgah, a temple of fire worshippers. It’s in this settlement of Surakhany where Zoroastrians from India travelled thousands of kilometers to Ateshgah to worship fire coming out of the earth. Mud volcanoes are also strange & attracting phenomena in this region. You will find these mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Dashgil and Lokbatan areas. Absheron is one region located in the Baku district that you can’t miss touring.

    Click: The top 7 tourist spots in Azerbaijan to read more about other attractions in Azerbaijan.

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