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08 Mar
Kartlis Deda: The Importance of Georgia's Most Famous Woman

International Women’s Day in Georgia!

International women day 2017

As the world marks the International Women’s Day (IWD) today 8th March 2017, women across the globe are in high spirits as they celebrate this unique day. The international women’s day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This day also marks a call to action on accelerating gender parity.

This year’s campaign theme is #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. It’s calling on all people to embrace a bold change to see the total liberalization of women in all aspects of life. And one country that has never been left behind in celebrating this special day is the rep of Georgia – a Caucasian country with outstanding beauty.

In previous IWD celebrations women across this republic are seen in the streets demonstrating peacefully on the human rights and calling on masses to help forge a better working world – a more gender inclusive world.

And this has led to the Government of Georgian to have a special respect for women. For instance, the Labor Code of Georgia has certain protection that prohibits race, color, language, ethnic or social origin, nationality, origin, property, birth, place of residence, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, membership of a religious , social, political or other associations, including the trade unions, by marital status,

political or other opinion. In accordance to violence against women, Georgia enacted Law of Georgia on Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection and Support of Victims of Domestic Violence in 2006.

Another good example of how the Government of Georgia honors and respects women is by allowing them to participate in military forces. Georgian is one among the world countries that have professional women jet fighters and helicopter pilots. You will also find women in the all types of Georgian armies.

“There is no “explicit division of labor” according to gender, except in so-called “areas of physical labor” (an example is in the field of mining). The statue of Mother of Georgia (Kartlis Deda, or “Mother of Kartli”) that stands at a monument in the hills above Tbilisi perhaps best symbolizes such national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine with which she greets her friends and in her right is a sword drawn against her enemies.” (Wikipedia)

Check out these other countries that celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) in style:

In Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. Teresa Mattei chose the mimosa as the symbol of IWD in Italy because she felt that the French symbols of the day, violets and lily-of-the-valley, were too scarce and expensive to be used effectively in Italy. Yellow

mimosas and chocolate are also one of the most common March 8 presents in Russia and Albania.

In many countries, such as in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Colombia, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine the custom of giving women flowers still prevails. Women also sometimes receive gifts from their employers. Schoolchildren often bring gifts for their female teachers, too.

In countries like Portugal and Italy groups of women usually celebrate on the night of March 8 in “women-only” dinners and parties.

In Pakistan working women in formal and informal sectors celebrate International Women’s Day every year to commemorate their ongoing struggle for due rights, despite facing many cultural and religious restrictions. Some women working for change in society use IWD to help the movement for women’s rights. In Poland, for instance, every IWD includes large feminist demonstrations in major cities.

“Each one of us – with women, men and non-binary people joining forces – can be a leader within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.” (IWD website)

Forty Destinations wishes all women a Happy Women’s Day! We

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  • 01 Mar
    Spring Season in Azerbaijan

    Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan During Spring Vacation

    A visit to the land of “burning natural fires” should definitely be your next landing destination this spring season. And if aren’t aware what am talking about, let me take you to Azerbaijan republic, a nation that doesn’t regret its existence. Situated in the Caucasian region countries, the beautiful land of Azerbaijan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to natural beauty and tourism attractions.

    With Baku its capital city, Azerbaijan – commonly known as the land of fires – is one of the best countries to visit if you love sensational attractions. Baku has received amazing accreditation from tourists and bloggers across the globe.

    Below I outline reasons why you should start packing for a spring holiday destination in Azerbaijan.

    1. Baku City

    Baku City

    The naked truth is that Baku is a beautiful, amazing and alluring city. I haven’t seen a people who book a flight to Azerbaijan and they fail to have one day Baku city tour. There are dozens of attractions to view in this city which includes: the famous Baku Flame Towers, Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain), Musical Stone of Gobustan, Mud Volcanoes, Museum of Miniature Books just to mention but a few.

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    2. Novruz Holiday

    Novruz in Azerbaijan

    The Novruz Holiday – which is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO – is an annual holiday held in Azerbaijan in honor of the spring’s season arrival. The holiday brings together thousands of travelers from across the world that mingles with Azerbaijanis in making this holiday more colorful. The holiday starts on 21st March and runs for a period of four weeks. During this time a number of holiday traditions and rituals will absolutely amaze you. It’s also during the Novruz Holiday that locals visit one another, exchanging gifts and many sweets prepared in every family.

    3. Favorable Weather


    The spring season means that winter is gone till another year. During this season the weather becomes gradually warm. Nature returns to life. People free themselves from topcoats. Plants are seen reviving and with a short time their beautiful bright colors attracts any eye watching.

    4. World of Mugham

    World of Mugham

    This is an International Mugham festival which is mostly held in March. During this tourist attracting festival, renowned professional mugham art and famous singers of popular music genre meet in Azerbaijan within the framework of festival, and in parallel with contests of mugham

    singers, numerous mugham operas and symphonic concerts and classical mugham, international scientific symposiums are also held here. This festival ends with a gala concert which brings full house at the Baku Heydar Aliyev Palace.

    Read: Important festival and events in Azerbaijan

    5. Gabala/ Qubala


    Qubala city is approximately 225 km from Baku city. The city also called Gabala is an old city in Azerbaijan with rich and ancient history. Having been a capital city of Albania for 600 years in the past, the city has a number of historical and cultural monuments of different eras. The town has beautiful camping sites, breathtaking nature, amazing recreation sites and well developed infrastructure attracting thousands of traveler’s annually. Other attractions in this city include the Russian forest, famous Chestnut forest, river valleys and picturesque villages and many more. It’s on record that Gabala is another major tourist hot spot due to its welcoming nature and well developed infrastructure. Ensure you enjoy a cableway ride in this little Switzerland town.

    6. Quba Tour

    Quba azerbaijan

    Walk down the town of Quba and you will enjoy the site of beautiful attractions. And one of the major sights is the 1918 Quba Genocide Memorial complex. This is a mass grave found in 2007 where thousands

    of soldiers and civilians died when Armenia Bolshevik forces attacked and ravaged this town. Other attractions include two 19th centuries’ mosques that is, Juma and Sakina Khanum Mosques. Sakina Khanum mosque was built with red bricks and is similar to a faceted cylinder offering an amazing vista. Along the streets you will also find carpet weaving shops and please ensure you buy one!

    7. Absheron Tour


    A vacation trip to Azerbaijan is not complete without visiting the Absheron region. This is an awesome area where true wonder is found. Don’t be surprised to find burning fires caused by natural gases. But the famous attraction in this region is the Ateshgah, a temple of fire worshippers. It’s in this settlement of Surakhany where Zoroastrians from India travelled thousands of kilometers to Ateshgah to worship fire coming out of the earth. Mud volcanoes are also strange & attracting phenomena in this region. You will find these mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Dashgil and Lokbatan areas. Absheron is one region located in the Baku district that you can’t miss touring.

    Click: The top 7 tourist spots in Azerbaijan to read more about other attractions in Azerbaijan.

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  • 25 Feb

    10 Most Romantic Places to Visit in Paris

    I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear or think about Paris. But for millions of world travelers including me, we distinguish Paris city as one of the most amazing cities to visit. As a matter of fact, Paris the capital of France is the third most visited city in the world.

    This city located in the European continent has much to offer any anticipating traveler. The city camouflages in every attractive way you expect. From the beautiful hotels, islands, artistic museums, palaces, stunning botanical gardens, museums, shopping streets, malls and any other thing that can attract a human.

    A few days ago I was there and the following destinations left my mouth-wide open due to their magnificent beauty.

    1) Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower

    This was of course my number one stopping ground when I started my Paris tour. Before the visit I wondered why bloggers talked much about this tower but when I approached it I got the answers. What a magnificent tower it is! Believe it or not, the Eiffel Tower has recorded over 220 million visitors since its completion. I loved its night view as it glows with beautiful choreographed colors that will definitely attract any observing eye.

    2) Notre-Dame Cathedral

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    This is one of the most beautiful catholic cathedrals in the world. The cathedral which features architectural design that dates back in the 12th century was among the first buildings in the world to use flying buttress and it’s considered a must visit destination by millions of travelers. I recommend you to climb its 387 steps to its top tower and you will definitely have great panoramic and spectacular view of this capital. Your tour cannot be satisfying without travelling this Roman Cathedral.

    3) Arc de Triomphe

    Arc de Triomphe

    This amazing monument located at the center of Place Charles de Gauelle is one the most fascinating sight to behold. The monument was constructed in honor of the fallen heroes and heroines who fought during the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. As you pose for photos around this Arc, remember you are standing right in front of a monument built to show great power and triumph.

    4) Champs – Elysees

    Champs Elysees avenue

    The best sight to view this attracting sight is from the top of the Arch de Triomphe. This avenue is indisputably beautiful, colorful and full of adventure. The Champs is known for its theatres, cafes, luxurious shops and most importantly for the Bastille Day military parade and the finishing end of the cycle race. You definitely don’t want to miss a glimpse view of this avenue that is a one stop destination.

    5) Les Invalides

    Les Invalides

    Visit this popular tourist site and you will understand better about the military museum. A little knowledge of this museum will remind of the ancients wars and weaponry used. But what attracts more visitors in this place is the tomb of the great French fighter Napoleon which is located herein. You will also enjoy the sightseeing of the Dome Les Invalides which shines in a golden color when the sun rays strikes it. It gives a spectacular view of this dome even from a far distance.

    6) Louvre Museum

    The Louvre

    This is the second largest museum in the world and it also happens to be a renowned landmark in Paris. The museum exhibits thousands artifacts objects from the prehistoric era to the current era. Walking through this museum reminded me of the golden-old days and I felt and embraced the real prehistoric life my teachers didn’t mention in the classroom.

    7) Les Catacombs

    Les Catacombs

    I felt hesitant to tour this tunnel tomb which has over six million remains of fallen French citizens. But as a curious traveler, I managed to conquer my fear and I toured it. It’s not one the most pleasant place to be especially if you experience nightmares but surprisingly it’s a major attraction sight to millions of tourists. These catacombs came to be after a great shortage of cemeteries around 1785 in Paris. The catacombs extends about 2km long.

    8) Latin Quartre

    Latin Quarter, Paris

    Tour this place and you will be in the centre of many educational institutions. There are many academic institutes here you can’t lack the sight of hundreds of students to and fro in this place. It was once considered as a great university which couldn’t be compared to any other varsity in Europe. Near this academic area, you will have the Luxembourg Park where you can go unwind as you relax eating some apples which will be fall on your shoulders.

    9) Place de la Concorde Square

    Place de la Concorde

    Place de la Concorde square is a major public square in Paris and in fact the largest square in France per say. It measures 21.3 acres in area approximately 8 ha. There are two monumental structures in the middle of this square which are among the most outstanding obelisks in France.

    10) La Madeleine Church

    La Madeleine Church

    This Roman Church was constructed in the 12th century but was completed during the reign of Napoleon in 1842. The architect who planned this church designed it in the style of a Greek temple and it’s one of the places I spent more time admiring.

    As I earlier mentioned, Paris is full of wonderful and loveable tourist spots. I cannot exhaust writing all the amazing destinations found in Paris and France as a whole. I will be writing much more later in my continuous blogs.

    Book with us a package to Paris/France and we will give you an awesome-affordable package that you will really live to remember.

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  • 22 Feb
    Sri lanka

    8 Must Visit Places in Sri Lanka

    The beauty of Sri Lanka is known worldwide. The land is rich is everything that you would like to see as world traveler. Located in the Asian continent, this lovely country full of any kind of wonder you would think of such as golden islands, lush forests, stirring mountains, amazing tea plantations, green sceneries and breathtaking landscapes. This country will drive you crazy and don’t be surprised if you find yourself adding more days to your vacation.

    Below we take you to some of the most thrilling destinations in this blessed republic:

    1) Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    This is a home to many baby elephants that have been brought from different countries. These babies are fed and taken care of away from poachers and predators. What an amazing sight to view them as they are taken to the river where they soak and play happily forgetting the life stresses.

    2) Ella

    Ella, Sri Lanka

    Ella is undoubtedly one of the best place you wouldn’t leave Sri Lanka without visiting. This destination situated in the middle of the countryside will leave your mouth wide due to spectacular sights it offers. Visit the Ella Rock- a good place for hiking and trekking, Little

    Adams Peak, Ravana Falls, Ella Spice garden etc. As you visit these places you will enjoy the beautiful woodlands and tea plantation in the sideshows.

    3) Dambulla Cave Temple

    Dambulla Cave Temple

    Also known as the Golden Temple of Dumballa, this cave temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest best preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. It’s located about 72km north of Kandy and 148km east of Colombo. This cave Temple is a major testimony of the cultural artifacts in the ancient Sri Lanka. The major attractions are spread over five caves which contain statues and paintings of Buddha (153 in number), Sri Lanka kings, their gods and goddesses. The atmosphere felt in this cave temple is cool, quiet and very peaceful.

    4) Royal Botanical Garden

    Royal Botanical Garden

    Enjoy a walk in this garden located in the Peradeniya which approximately 5km to the west of Kandy city. The garden sits on 147 acres piece of land and it’s your best destination to view and learn more about all types of flowers. This botanical garden has more than 4000 species of plants, including orchids, palm trees and medicinal plants. Spice Garden and Orchid House are popular with tourists. There are 5 Palm Avenues beautifying the gardens, the earliest and tallest Palm Avenue (Royal Palm Avenue) was planted in 1905 and the Double

    Coconuts from the Seashells Island, with the largest Seed of all plants in the world are one such avenue.

    5) Tea plantations

    Tea Plantation, Srilanka

    Due the good climatic and favorably weather for tea planting, Sri Lanka boast of plenty amazing tea zones plantations with spectacular greeneries which attracts many travelers. Tea plantation is one the strongest pillars to the increasing economy in this beautiful country. Make sure you also visit a Tea factory to learn the process withering and how it’s manufactured to be used later in your hotel/restaurant if you order tea.

    6) Colombo City Tour

    Colombo City Tour

    Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka, a city that offers the unmatched experiences and exclusive glimpses into Sri Lanka’s old and modern city. There is a lot to do see in this city so wake up early and start your tour in the morning. Important places to visit include: Prison cell of the last Sri Lankan King, Colombo Lighthouse, Slave island area, National Museum, scenic Beira Lake found in the heart of the city plus many more sites. And don’t forget to do shopping in Colombo’s malls, boutiques and shops. Be lest assured that all types of clothing, jewelries, leather items, accessories will be found in this stunning city.

    7) Kandy Tour

    Kandy Tour

    Kandy is an important city in Sri Lanka and the last capital during the reign of ancient kings in Sri Lanka. The city is referred as the most sacred site as it hosts the home of “Dalada Maligawa”, the temple of the sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. It’s also the undisputed arts and crafts capital of the island, filled with myriad temples and palaces built in the distinctive Kandyan architectural style, adorned with elaborate murals and finely carved wooden pillars, and often echoing to the unmistakable sound of the city’s virtuoso drummers beating out rhythms. Among other things to see in Kandy city includes: Kandy lake, Peradeniye Botanical Garden, elephant orphanage and many more. And don’t miss out to participate in magnificent Esala Perahera festival held in the month of July or August in honor of the city’s revered Tooth Relic.

    8) Adams Peak

    Adams Peak

    Climb to the peak of this mountain slopes which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The amazing view of these slopes during both the sun rise and sun setting is something you will live to remember. Where else would you like to go if not in the Adams Peak?

    9) Mirissa Beach

    Mirissa Beach

    Visit Mirissa beach in the southern tip island of Sri Lanka and for a while you will forget the life stresses. This beach is a cool place for relaxation as you sun bathe viewing the beautiful coconut trees around.

    This sandy beach pretty much transforms your dreams and visions of a tropical paradise into an everyday reality. Hundreds of tourists flock here some opting to go in search of the blue whales as this beach gives you the best base for such waterborne safari activity.

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  • 16 Feb
    Spring special Armenia holiday

    Spring Special Armenia Tour

    As winter prepares to fade away in the beautiful country of Armenia, thousands upon thousands of travelers are eagerly waiting for the coming spring season. Many call the spring season the times of love and beauty. As early as the beginning of March, the cold winter temperatures are gone and a warm temperature takes the scepter. The temperatures start increasing and people are now seen with less warm clothes.

    Also read: Exploring Armenia & its beautiful sights

    There are a lot of things to do during the spring time in Armenia. As a matter of fact there is always something exclusive and interesting that can be experienced or tried anytime of the year in Armenia. The International Women Day which is held on 8th March every year is celebrated in style and in color in this republic where street shops start selling the first beautiful aromatic spring flowers.

    Spring Special Armenia Holiday

    Below is our four days detailed itinerary for a Special Spring Holiday Tour to Armenia from United Arabs Emirates.

    DAY 1 – Arriving Yerevan

    Welcome to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Upon your arrival at Zvartnots International Airport, you will be greeted by our

    representative who will escort you to your designated hotel. Complete the check-in formalities and relax for a bit.

    DAY 2 – Yerevan City Tour

    A variety of options waits to be explored during your Yerevan city tour. The tour begins with a visit to the Erebuni Fortress also known as Arin Berd. It is a fortified city from the ancient kingdom of Urartu, located in what is present-day Yerevan, Armenia. It was one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of the vast kingdom.

    Next you will be visiting Mother Armenia, a statue which was constructed to replace a monumental statue of Joseph Stalin. Thereafter, you will head to the Cascade Complex. This is a giant stairway in the capital city which links downtown Kentron area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood. The cascade stands as a Cafesjian Centre for Arts after Mr. Cafesjian who worked with City of Yerevan and the government of Armenia initiated its recent revitalization. The cascade is an attracting tourist hub never to be missed! The stairs afford walkers unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat.

    The views of Mount Ararat are so breathtaking and it is at this juncture you remember the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark which is believed to have rested on this Mountain after the flood ended.

    From the Cascade, you will be heading to the Opera House. A visit to the Republic Square awaits you next. The Square is famous for the dancing water fountains located at the north-eastern end along the National Gallery. The buildings around the Square are made of rose and white Armenian tufa stones and provide a great insight into the architectural heritage of Armenia.

    If you are looking for some shopping during your holiday to Armenia, Vernissage (open only on week-ends) is the place to be. Hundreds of vendors selling a variety of crafts and souvenirs will leave you spoilt for choice. Woodcarving items, antiques, and wool carpets can also be bought from here. All in all, an enjoyable and exhilarating experience awaits you in Armenia – a highly exuberant and endearing country.

    Also read: 4 offbeat places to visit in Armenia

    DAY 3 – Leisure Day

    After breakfast, you can spend the rest of the day exploring Yerevan at your own leisure. Feel free to crisscross the roads and streets of Yerevan. Meet with locals and please say Hi to them. They are such a welcoming loving people who are willing to share with you what they know about their country. Try the Armenian foods, drinks and you regret your leisure time.

    DAY 4 – Departing Yerevan

    By this day, you just feel you want to remain in this great nation with architecturally built buildings. But unfortunately, time’s up! So after breakfast, you’ll check out and depart to the airport to board your flight back home with great memories about this Caucasian state.

    In the above itinerary you can choose a hotel of your choice classified as a 3* hotel such as Yerevan Deluxe Hotel or of a similar class. The flight to use is Fly Dubai from UAE. The departures for this holiday tour are scheduled on 25th March & 6th April 2017. The tour cost is AED 1190 / USD 324 per person.

    Book Spring Special Armenia Tour Package Here:-

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  • 14 Feb
    Georgia Spring Destinations

    4 Best Places to Visit in Georgia During Spring

    There is something unique, attractive and alluring whenever you visit the rep of Georgia. What you saw in you prior visit which made you fall in love with this Caucasian country will be very different with what you will sight in another day’s visit. It goes undoubtedly that Georgia will never disappoint its visitors due to its rich natural and manmade attractions. From its historical monuments sights and attracting cultural attractions, this European nation has raised its standard to be a leading traveler’s destination.

    Also read: 5 Attractive and beautiful must to visit cities in Georgia

    Apart from the rich and appealing attractions we know from its main cities like Tbilisi, Batumi etc, there are some few more virgin cities that need your exploration. These cities have attractive have an alluring atmosphere that call for your attention.

    Check out the following cities:

    1) Kobuleti


    Kobuleti is a beautiful town found in Adjara in the south-western part of Georgia. This city stretches from the city centre to the sea shore of the Black sea as it is situated in the eastern coast of the Black Sea. For hundreds of years many Georgians and former Soviet Union resident visit this shore especially due to the seaside resort which has exceptional

    services. The city is also known for its tradition, hospitality, climate area, bright shining sun and the warm sea breeze. Not far from this city you can visit the Natural Botanical Garden which is one of the best places to visit in the Black Sea coast of Georgia

    2) Telavi


    Telavi is an amazing town found in the eastern province of Kakheti, the wine growing region. You will find this town so attractive due to its scenic picturesque landscapes. A better sight of the Greater Caucasian Mountain Range can be seen from the most part of Telavi. This city is about 59km from Tbilisi by air and 90 km by vehicle. There are two highways that connect these two cities. The most widely traveled (and better-paved) highway runs through the rural areas of Kakheti and is longer (the overall length of the highway is approximately 156 km) than the route, which runs through the highlands of the Gombori Mountain Range. The shorter route (approximately 96 km) is quite scenic, but is less used due to the reconstruction works that are being carried out there.

    The Giant Plane Tree found in this city attracts and charm visitors due to its greatness and beauty. The tree is nearly 900 years old with a height of 49metres, diameter of 3.6m and a width of 12m. And don’t forget that being the heart of Kakheti; Telavi has a lot of plenty sweet wine that will quench your thirsty soul. Because of its beauty, historical monuments

    and most importantly, the hospitality and the reputation for kindness of its residents, the city is a popular tourist destination in Georgia.

    3) Mestia


    This town is located in the northwest Georgia in the Svaneti region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province. The population is mostly Svans, a cultural and linguistic subgroup of the Georgians. Despite its small size, the townlet was an important centre of Georgian culture for centuries and contains a number of medieval monuments, such as churches and forts, included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    The townlet (daba) of Mestia is dominated by stone defensive towers of a type seen in Ushguli (“Svan towers”). A typical Svan fortified dwelling consisted of a tower, an adjacent house (machub) and some other household structures encircled by a defensive wall. Since 2010, Mestia is served by Queen Tamara Airport which is operated by the state-owned company United Airports Georgia.

    Unique icons and manuscripts are kept in Mestia Historical-ethnographic Museum. Mestia is also a center of mountaineer tourism and alpinism.

    4) Borjomi


    The best way to explain the awesome beauty of this town is as described by Wikipedia. The town is famous for its mineral water industry (which is the number one export of Georgia), the Romanov summer palace in Likani, and the World Wide Fund for Nature-site Borjomi-Kharaguli Natural Park. Borjomi mineral water is particularly well known in those countries which were part of the former Soviet Union; the bottling of mineral water is a major source of income for the area. Because of the supposed curative powers of the area’s mineral springs, it is a frequent destination for people with health problems. Borjomi is also home to the most extensive ecologically-themed amusement park in the Caucasus.

    Also read: 5 alluring sites in rep of Georgia

    Spring Break Special Flight Inclusive Georgia Holiday Tour From UAE

    Departure Dates: 24 March, 28 March & 03 April 2017

    Georgia Holiday packages

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  • 13 Feb
    Armenia Visa policy

    New Visa Policy of Armenia 2017

    The republic of Armenia – a beautiful Caucasian country located in the crossroads of Europe and Asian – is receiving a lot of recognition from foreign countries, tourists and even from its own locals due to the outstretched-welcoming-hand it’s offering to the world. Driven by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFA efforts to make Armenia the only traveler’s landing hub in the Caucasian region, the country’s aims at boosting tourism and the business cooperation in very many diverse ways.

    And one of the diverse ways is cutting off the former visa stringent rules and policies by increasing the number of countries that can visit her without visa requirements. Recently, Armenia signed an agreement with the United Arabs Emirates UAE over the elimination of a visa regime.

    Before then, United Arabs Emirate citizens would obtain their visa upon arrival at the airport or at the Georgian or Iranian borders which was of course a tedious work to many UAE residents. The agreement also stated that a consulate would be opened in Dubai, one of the famous emirates in the UAE.

    Also read: 5 reasons to visit Dubai in 2017

    Before the new visa policies, Armenia had only one type of visa i.e. the visitor visa. But the new policies have seen an induction of three other visas namely the Official visa – for holders of official or service passports, Diplomatic visa – for holders of diplomatic passports and for the persons with diplomatic status, and finally the transit visa.

    Visa-free regime exists for citizens of many countries, including USA, EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Malta, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Vatican, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Montenegro.

    In addition, visa requirements are not applicable to citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and former USSR republics, namely Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

    Read: Exploring Armenia and its beautiful sights

    Indians with UAE residence visa now get visa upon arrival in Armenia. This is a great opportunity for Indians having in mind that there’re thousands of Indians possessing UAE residence visas. Indians residing in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain are also enjoying visa upon arrival in Armenia.

    Previously, citizens of India could not obtain Armenian visa upon arrival only for the exception of Indians holding a diplomatic passport who can visit Armenia for up to 30 days and without a visa requirement.

    Citizens of many countries can get a visa upon their arrival to Armenia at the airport or at the border with Georgia or Iran. These includes citizens of Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Canada, Mongolia, Maldives, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,  Brunei, East Timor, Korea, Japan just to name a few.

    Nearly all African nations plus other countries like Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Sri Lanka and Vietnam can apply for visitor visa only at the diplomatic representations and consular posts of Republic of Armenia abroad and with invitation only. But this does not mean they can obtain a visa upon arrival. No!

    It is also important to consider that citizens of People’s Republic of China, the Republic of India, and the Republic of Iraq can apply for visitor visa only at the diplomatic representations and consular posts of Republic of Armenia abroad without invitation.

    Let’s go Armenia! Let’s Experience Armenia! Let’s Discover Armenia!!!

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  • 09 Jan
    Montenegro Visa Policies

    Montenegro’s Visa Requirements & Policies

    Montenegro is one of the best countries I have come across which has opened its entry doors to all visitors. It is a nation that understands well the Portuguese proverb that “Visits always give pleasure-if not the arrival, the departure.” This has made it easier for thousands of travelers to visit this nation which is boasting of thrilling tourist attractions.

    The following information will help you understand Montenegro’s visa requirement and policies

    All citizens of United Arabs Emirates, Azerbaijan, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, European Nation countries, Malaysia, Israel, Japan Qatar, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Mexico, Argentina plus many other countries need to have a valid passport without a visa to enter, pass through or stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days. But members of UAE do not require a visa for up to 10 days if they hold a tourist voucher.

    If you hold a Refugees travel document issued by EU Member states, USA, Kingdom of Norway, Swiss Confederation, Rep of Iceland, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Japan you may enter, pass through or stay in Montenegro up to 30 days without a visa.

    Visit to Montenegro

    Also read: 7 reasons to visit Montenegro

    Nationals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Rep of Georgia, China, Mongolia, Morocco, Guinea, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Vietnam can visit Montenegro if they are holding a diplomatic or service passport. Moreover, holders of Laissez-Passer (a travel document issued by a national government or certain international organizations) issued by the United Nations can visit Montenegro visa-free providing they travel on duty. The citizens of Zimbabwe and Egypt can also visit Montenegro if they are holding a diplomatic passport.

    Nationals of states with whom no international agreement on entering, residing in, or crossing the territory of Montenegro has been concluded, may enter the country, cross the territory, and reside in Montenegro on the basis of a valid travel document containing a visa.

    For more information please visit and check where your country is listed.

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  • 07 Jan

    Best of 2017 Winter Destinations In Georgia

    Warm clothing is the dressing code of locals in rep of Georgia. The country is in its second month of winter which starts from December and ends in February. Try not to visit Georgia with lighter clothes or else you get sick in a foreign nation. And it’s not really good, right?

    However the attracting sites of this Caucasian country gets your attention any season of the year. Located in the southeastern Europe, the republic of Georgia gives you a candid reason to visit its landscape in this year 2017. The winter destinations in this country will allure you to continue waiting for the summer, spring and autumn destinations.

    Check out these few must-visit winter destinations in this European nation.

    Gudauri Ski Resort

    Gudauri Ski Resort

    This is the optimum and ultimate place to be after a walk in Tbilisi town. It is a ski resort located on the south-facing plateau of the greater Caucasia Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, along the Georgian Military Highway near the Cross Pass, at an elevation of 2,200 meters (7,200 ft.) above sea level with skiable area enjoying maximum exposure to the sun.

    Skiing is a must do sport in Gudauri and what a real tourist adventure it offers! You will choose which type of skiing drill you will participate because nearby are ski training centers. The type of skiing include: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and Telemark skiing. At Gudauri ski resort, you will also enjoy ski touring, heli-ski, snowboarding, speed riding and paragliding.

    Tbilisi City

    Tbilisi City

    Don’t hesitate to have a walk along the beautiful town of Tbilisi. Whether it’s chilly or sunny the beauty remains intact. Walk along the famous Rustaveli Avenue which is home to many attractions including the Freedom Square, the Rustaveli Museum, Parliament of Georgia, and Museum of Georgia. Watch art cultural performances at the Rustaveli State Academic Theatre or at Georgia’s oldest opera house, the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, both of which are on Rustaveli Avenue.

    Hatsvali Mountain Ski Resort

    Hatsvali Mountain Ski Resort

    Located in Hatsvali approximately 430km from Tbilisi this ski resort offer a total of 4.4km of ski trials, 650 vertical (1800 m – 2450 m), the hotel, nice pine forests and the Zuruldi restaurant which is the highest restaurant in Georgia’s Svaneti region at 2340 offering fantastic panoramic views of Tetnuldi, Ushba, and other sites of Greater Caucasus range. This restaurant is a popular venue for visitors who come to this ski resort.

    Leitner ski lift will take you up to the Mt. Zuruldi (2347 meters above sea level) within 10 minutes. At the resort there are also two smaller ski lifts 600 and 800 meters long. You can use a car or minibus from the town of Mestia to the lower station of the Hatsvali Mountain Ski Resort ropeway that connects to the restaurant at the top of Mt. Zuruldi.

    Bakuriani Ski Resort

    Bakuriani Ski Resort

    You don’t want to miss a visit at Bakuriani Ski Resort which is approximately 180 km from Tbilisi. Not only will you have the fun of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding but you will also get the privilege of walking along places covered with evergreen coniferous forests, hike trails etc. If you are a truly a nature lover this is the best place to visit in Georgia.

    Upper Svaneti

    Upper Svaneti

    The upper region of Svaneti displays a striking view of several small villages forming a community that are dominated by the towers and situated on the mountain slopes. These medieval type villages and tower houses have given this region the beauty of mountain scenery. Many tourists flock in this region viewing these villages that were used as dwellings and also as a defense pillars against any presumed enemy

    Signagi Town

    Signagi Town

    Although it might be smallest town in Georgia, this destination welcomes many visitors from across the world. During the winter period in Georgia this place has a favoring weather that coincides with the heart desires of many travelers. The town is located at the heart of Georgia’s wine growing region Kakheti. It offers a panoramic & breathtaking landscape view, beautiful pastel houses and narrow cobblestone streets. Some of its other attraction includes the venerated Bodbe Monastery – a pilgrimage which is associated with St. Nino the 4th century apostle of Georgia, St George and St. Stephen Georgian Orthodox churches, the Signagi city walls just to mention a few.  

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  • 05 Jan

    5 Fascinating Places to Visit in Montenegro

    There is no doubt that the small nation of Montenegro is quickly becoming a popular travel destination. Due to its all round season attracting features including rugged mountains, gorgeous beaches, and postcard pre-historic towns, this country has seen a great influx of visitors who are in a thirst to explore the hidden charms of this country.

    Below we outline some of the best holiday destination to tour when you land in this nation found in southeastern Europe.

    1) Perast


    Perast is a key principal attraction on the Bay of Kotor rich in Venice-like architecture which include seven important orthodox structures and a series of nine defensive towers, all set in stone and seemingly untouched by the scourge of modern day tourism. This village also boasts of sixteen baroque palaces and seventeen Catholic churches of many years ago. Ensure you enjoy the vista views of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Also the church of St. Nikola found in the backshore shouldn’t be missed in your day out tour. It offers pleasant views that a climb up to the belfry offering scenic sights of the town and bay.

    2) Sveti Stefan

    Sveti Stefan

    Sveti Stefan is a small islet and 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, approximately six kilometers southeast of Budva. Formerly an island, today Sveti Stefan is a five-star franchise hotel of the international group of Aman Resorts which is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The resort in total contains 50 rooms, cottages and suites on the island and eight grand suites at the Villa Miločer. This hotel is incredibly beautiful!

    3) Porto Montenegro

    Porto Montenegro

    Porto Montenegro is a spectacular destination with a world class, full service marina. This yacht marina is completed by luxury waterfront homes for rent and sale, with international dining options, lively bars and wide range of sporty games, leisure and cultural activities. The marina is located in the beautiful UNESCO protected bay of Kotor and it attracts thousands of visitors annually. At the Porto Montenegro you will not only enjoy the warm breeze of the Bay but also have great vista views of the surrounding mountain landscapes. The recent completion of this marina in July 2015, the marina can now accommodate the largest yachts in the world; with berths up to 250mm in size.

    4) Herceg Novi

    Herceg Novi

    This coastal town is located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mt. Orjen. It’s a city commonly known as the city under th sun due to many numbers of sunny days throughout the year. One attracting thing about this city is the beautiful thick greenery. It’s a place where you would want to make a home due to the beautiful, alluring and amazing flower scent found in here. At Herceg Novi town, you will find numerous kinds of tropical flowers some which you have never seen! If you visit this town in January the town becomes scented with the subtle fragrance of yellow and green mimosa whereby the festival of Praznik Mimosa is dedicated to this. More festivals are held in this town during the summer seasons in the aim of attracting more tourists in this amazing town.

    5) Lake Skadar

    Lake Skadar

    You may call this lake also Lake Scutari, Lake Shkoder or Lake Shkodër whichever is easier for pronouncing, but surprisingly it’s not just a lake. Lake Skadar is the longest lake in southern Europe and apparently it’s also a national park. The national park is renowned as one of Europe’s top bird habitation having about 270 bird species making it a more attractive place for birders. But due to its beautiful step mountains, island monasteries and clear freshwaters, the Lake Skadar National park attracts thousands of nature lovers and it offers the best atmosphere site for outdoor activities away from the noisy streets and heat from Podgorica, the capital city.

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