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13 Aug

4 Offbeat places to visit in Armenia

From every direction you look from, the beauty sight of Armenia and its capital city Yerevan is worthy to behold! The towns are clean, the buildings are architecturally built, and the streets have all that you need

Below are some of the offbeat destinations in Armenia which needs your exploration!

 1) The Northern Avenue


The beautiful Northern Avenue is in the central heart of Yerevan city and a worthy place to visit. During your leisure day in Yerevan ensure you walk on this avenue and enjoy the goodies that come with it. Restaurants, shops, resting places, bars and charming coffee shops are in plenty while as also rarely will you lack music or dancing along the avenue. This pedestrian avenue links Opera House with Republic Square.

2) The Cascade Complex (History)

The Cascade Complex

The cascade complex was first conceived by architect Alexander Tamanyan with the plan of connecting the northern and central parts of the city i.e. the historic residential and cultural centers of the city, with a vast green area of waterfalls and gardens, cascading down one of the city’s highest promontory.

Another Yerevan architect Jim Torosyan borrowed the idea of Alexander but also incorporated  brought the idea of including a monumental exterior stairway, a long indoor shaft containing a series of escalators, and an intricate network of halls, courtyards, and outdoor gardens embellished with numerous works of sculpture bearing references to Armenia’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Today the cascade stands as a Cafesjian Centre for Arts after Mr. Cafesjian who worked with City of Yerevan and the government of Armenia initiated its recent revitalization. The cascade is an attracting tourist hub never to be missed!

3) Levon’s Divine Underground Cave

Levon's Divine Underground

This divine underground that host shrines and artistic carvings all throughout the cave was dug by the late Levon Arakelyan a builder, after his wife (Tosya) asked him to create a potato cellar beneath their home in Arinj, Armenia. When he started the work he simply couldn’t stop and that’s how the village of Arinj got this divine cave which is becoming a tourist destination. The cave has stairs, halls, twists, and multiple rooms going as deep as 70 feet beneath the house. Levon used his small hand tools to carve the hard rock, shunning traditional support structures or power tools. Today his wife Tosya runs a small museum devoted to his efforts out of their home and gives tours of the strange caves her husband created.

4) Armenia Alphabet Monument


On the western slope of Mt Ararat in the village of Artashavan, you will find the Armenian Alphabet Monument. This complex was built in 2005, on the 1600th anniversary of the creation of Armenia alphabet. The monument is an interesting demonstration of the stone carvings of 39 Armenian letters. The Armenian alphabet has been used to write the Armenian language since the year 405 and is still used to present Armenian language in written form. The complex also hosts monuments of the great Armenia thinkers.

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