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12 Dec

5 Important Factors Travel Advisors Should Keep In Mind Before Choosing A DMC Partner

DMCs are overseas local companies, which work closely with travel agencies/advisors. A healthy and friendly relation between the travel agency and the DMC can do wonders to your travel business. DMCs provide great logistics and quality services of their destination to your clients from welcoming them at the airports and being with them ‘on the ground’ helping them to carry out all their activities that can make their stay comfortable and memorable.

But what does a travel advisor have to keep in mind before choosing a DMC partner?


Financial Stability


As a travel advisor, you should ask yourself, is the DMC that I wish to partner with financially stable? How can it deal with a non-usual event that can happen when it’s hosting my clients? Does it have issues with payment to its employees? In an effort to understand its financial stability you should take into account its growth potential and its intangible assets, e.g. the brand name. You may also want to do some market value due diligence of the company. The knowledge of this information can give you a clue if the DMC is worthy to be your partner.

Expertise Level

As the travel advisor, you need to know the experience level of the DMC of your choice. You should identify how the company runs its services, how long it has been in the industry, has it ever sold similar services you want to give it, and whether it is aware of customer’s demand from its base.

The Reputation

It is very important to learn about the DMC’s reputation in the global market. It’s always good to undertake thorough research in finding out how other travel advisors comment about the partner you choose. A good reputation is how the company handles your clients, i.e. in a kind and trustworthy manner and what specific skills or characteristics is it known to have.

Is it connected?

A DMC that has few or no contacts with local service providers ought not to be on your list. Therefore you should ensure that the partner you choose is well connected with local service providers such as hotels, transportation companies, tourist attraction management agencies, local restaurants etc. Without these connections, it can be difficult for the DMC to execute your terms of the agreement.

Is the DMC reliable?


The DMC works and acts as an extension of your travel agency. Therefore before choosing any, you should be at least hundred percent sure that it will not disappoint your clients on the ground services and will not also discourage your effort as a travel advisor. The Destination Management Company should be a reliable partner who will support your ideas with their quality services without any doubts and fears.

In conclusion, I believe there are many other factors that a travel advisor can consider before choosing a DMC partner. Learn more about Forty Travels and find out how it can be your DMC partner. Visit forty travels for more information.