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20 Jul
Batumi, Georgia

7 Best Places to Visit in Batumi – Adjara

The republic of Georgia has some of the beautiful cities which you should tour before you die. And one of these cities is Batumi city which a small heaven on earth; and the capital of Adjara province! And when I say it’s a heaven on earth, I absolutely and confidently mean it. You want I prove!

1) Batumi CityBatumi City

Located in the southwest coastal side of Georgia, Batumi prides in having the longest seaside boulevard in Europe. This Black sea resort and port city is a must stop over for any visitor in Georgia. The city is richly blessed with beauty. Having in mind that Georgia is an architectural nation, the architectural skyscrapers coming up in this city are worthy of admiration. Batumi has developed into one of the Black Sea’s top resort magnets, with a great party scene in summer.

2) Batumi Botanical Garden


Batumi botanic garden is a quit place to breeze and relax as you watch and study plants, trees and flowers in their beautiful structure. It’s also the best place to be away from the bustling lights and people within the city. The beauty of this part of Batumi flocks with tourists and locals who mainly have come from the beaches and other tourists sites.

3) Batumi Beaches

Batumi Beaches

Have you ever thought of swimming in the Black Sea? And after swimming you unwind reclining and sun-bathing in a white sandy soil? This is exactly what you will do when you visit Batumi. The beaches are mesmerizing built with stones and without sand. Cafes, restaurants and shops are openly seen from your position.

4) Makhuntseti Waterfall

Makhuntseti Waterfall

This waterfall which is approximately 335 meters above the sea level is an attractive tourist point in Batumi. Near the waterfall which is located in the town of Keda, lays several lovely picnic sites available for all visitors. Ensure you spend some time in these picnic sites as you loosen your muscles.

5) Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard

This is probably Batumi most visited tourist scene. The boulevard is a thrilling eye-catching coastal line that has all that you would need. You will find dancing fountains, benches, children’s attractive stuffs, café-lounges, sculptures amazing restaurants all along this mesmerizing coastal line. You don’t want to miss seeing the sun setting when you’re in the boulevard. The sight is awesome and unforgettable. During night time the boulevard shines with sparkling beautiful lights.

6) Gonio Castle

Gonio_CastleThis fortress is located about 15km away from city of Batumi. It is found in the village of Gonio in Adjara. The fortress dates back 15th -18th centuries BC. The tomb found in this castle is believed to be of Apostle Matthew one of the apostles of Jesus Christ who took the place of Judas who betrayed Jesus. Stroll along this roman monument and explore about its old wall.

7) Mtsvane Konntskhi

Mtsvane Kontskhi

Mtsvane Konntskhi is the actual location where botanic garden is found. Commonly known as the Green cape, it is the best place to stroll and enjoy life with the nature. Everything around has life and is lively. Green is the mother color of this beautiful attracting place. 

These are some of the most attractive sights you must tour before you waive Batumi city goodbye!

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