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10 Sep
Mother Armenia

7 Reasons to Travel Armenia in Autumn

Now that the summer season in Armenia has faded away, we open for you the autumn basket which is full of goodies. The autumn season (September- November) has started with a higher gear and I bet you are ready to grab a cool vacation tour in this Asian country, right?

Below are seven reasons why you need to experience an autumn vacation in Armenia as a whole!

1) Cool Temperatures


During the autumn period the temperatures have lowered from approximately 40C in summer to 21C in the month of October. No more sweating. No more shelter seeking. It’s the perfect temperature you would hire to maintain in Armenia.

2) Barbecue Festival

Barbecue Festival in Akhtala


The barbecue (roasting meat on an open fire) festival is an annually celebrated fest in the republic of Armenia. It is held in the city of Akhtala (Lori province). The festival attracts thousands of tourists across the European and Asian countries. Guests are entertained with modern and tradition music, theatrical performances from Armenian art and theatre schools. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, plan to attend this contest of professional chefs!

3) Fruit shopping

Fruit shopping

It’s during this season that Armenia markets are crowded with fruits shopaholics. Many fruit trees are ripe and ready for harvest. Ensure you carry your shopping basket because you can’t hesitate to feel it with fruits and goodies.

4) Wine Festival

Areni Wine Festivals The Areni wine festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Armenia by both locals and tourists. This year’s festival will be held in 1st-2nd October. The wine festival is a great opportunity to discover Armenia. Wine production companies, sellers and consumers gather in this annual festival which leaves them with bright impressions.

 It is during the wine festival that you will be able to taste the best range of Armenians wines which are valued highly by European consumers. You will also enjoy music and Armenia dishes like pastry, cannery etc during this festival. Programs in the festival includes: parading of best wine-makers, public and professional wine tasting among others.

5) Yerevan Falls

Yerevan Falls

As summer gives way, the radiant summer heat becomes mild where the leaves adopt vibrant hues. The beautiful red and yellow leaves start falling off the trees commencing another new school year. This fall is commonly known as the Yerevan falls and it is this time of the year you wouldn’t want to leave Armenia. As a matter of fact, Yerevan fall is regarded the best ever visiting time.  

6) Kenats Festival


P.C. – Deem Communications

Kenats festival is celebrated to revive the Armenia’s rich harvest and cultural traditions. During this festival, Armenia is electrified with fun and excitement. You not only enjoy the mouth-watering Armenian cuisines during this fantastic festival but also get entertainment from music and dances, performing arts and visual crafts. This is why you need to be in Armenia this autumn!

7) Armenia Independence Day

Armenia's Independence Day Parade

P.C. armenianow

September 21st is Armenia Independence Day. Catch up with the happily Armenians as they celebrate this important self governing day in their country. Other celebrations also held in this day include: Miniature Golf Day which a Fun Holiday and International day of peace which is a United Nation Holiday.

What you are still waiting for! Book a holiday packages with us to Armenia this autumn, and we’ll make you savor the real taste of Armenia.

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