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19 Mar
Skiing & Snowboarding - Georgia

Adventure in Gudauri Ski Resort – Republic of Georgia

You’ve been searching for a place to enjoy a full skiing vacation. Well, finally we bring the place. Along the southern slopes of the greater Caucasus Mountain Range in the rep of Georgia, you’ll find Gudauri Ski Resort; a place of fun, joy and adventure.

Gudauri Ski Resort

Located about 120 km – equivalent to about two hours drive – from Tbilisi the capital of Georgia, this ski resort welcomes thousands of travelers and more especially the nature lovers due to the spectacular skiing vista and views it offers. Gudauri ski resort presents the best and perfect destinations for ski touring, heli-ski, snowboarding, speed riding and paragliding.

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Nestled about 2000 meters above the sea level, this beautiful ski resort is indeed the best place to be. Although many people think Gudauri only as a typical winter destination, there are many other things to do if you’re not a skier. You can enjoy such activities like horse riding, hiking the Caucasus Mountains, paragliding nightlife shopping just to name but a few.

Gudauri Ski Resort

The favorite months to skiing in Gudauri starts from December to April. This is because the weather is usually, sunny, warm and calm making skiing possible on all tracks. However, Heli-ski is a throughout year activity where you will be able to fly high above the snowy powder of the unspoiled beauty of Caucasus region. What an awesome & unforgettable adventure it is!

As you enjoy skiing in this, yet, undiscovered ski resort in Georgia, don’t hesitate to enjoy other attractive activities found in the Caucasus Mountains, such as trekking, bird-watching, rafting and horseback riding. In fact hundreds of travelers across the globe are visiting Gudauri to experience the true wondrous of the Caucasus mountain range.

Gudauri Ski Resort

There are about seven ski lifts in Gudauri with a maximum capacity of 8000 passengers. Each ski lift has a total length of about 10.4 km and these lifts can slope with a speed of 57 km in total.

And don’t mind where to have dinner after your long day in the mountains. There are plenty of ski hotels in Gudauri which will serve you the Georgian cuisines that will make you to continuously salivate for more and more. These ski hotels include: Hotel Gudauri Marco Polo, Hotel Bella, Abu Hotel, Ski House Panorama, Edelweiss Hotel, Ozon Hotel just but a few.

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By now you should be packing your bags and lets meet in Georgia, specifically at Gudauri Ski Resort for more captivating adventures!

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