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04 Oct

Best Museums To Visit In The Slovakia

The nation of Slovakia found in central Europe will absolutely amaze and allure you to its many museums found in different cities within her scope. These museums host anything are from music, art history, political, clocks to discovering of different cultures that have existed in this linguistic country.

Check out some of the museums that you can opt to visit in your coming vacation in this country that is recently attracting travelers all over the world:

Bratislava City Museum

Bratislava City Museum

This museum was established in 1868 and it contains and documents the history of Slovakia from the earliest periods. This is the best place to visit and explore the political story of Slovakia till the 20th century.

Slovak National Museum


Many people call Slovak national museum as a natural and cultural history museum.  You will find many archaeological findings some from prehistoric periods, Roman period and medieval periods. You will learn much about extensive collections of visual arts, clocks, coins, ceramics, glass and porcelain items, arms & accessories etc.

Railway Museum

Railway Museum

This is a museum that has all transport related machines that have existed for many centuries. It’s in this museum you will find early vehicles with and without engines, such as bicycles, personal vehicles and lorries of the period between the two world wars, up to the vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s. One of the exhibitions halls showcases railway signalsafety and communication equipment, devices for railway maintenance, uniforms and other objects that provide the visitor with an insight into the history of railway transport in Slovakia.

Museum of Jewish Culture

Museum of Jewish Culture

This might be the remaining Jewish culture museum reminding of the historical Jewish neighborhood ruined in 1960 when the SNP Bridge was constructed. The museum forms part of Slovak Jewish Heritage Culture. Its precious monument and museum administering s four exhibitions displayed in the synagogues in Žilina, Prešov, Trnava and Nitra.

National History Museum

museum of history in Bratislava

This is one of the Europe’s finest major natural history museums. The museum showcases about 2.5million pieces of exhibits. Permanent exhibitions such as The History of Life on Earth, Biological Diversity of Slovakia and Biological Diversity of Earth will impress you as you learn and explore much of this Miracle of Nature.

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