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10 May
Bosnia Festivals

Bosnia & Herzegovina Festivals That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Festivals are meant to bring people together as they either celebrate a special event or are entertained through music, plays or movies by reputable persons either locally or globally. And this leads us to Bosnia- Herzegovina a country that hosts and celebrates each of its festival in a unique and stylish approach.

Bosnia–Herzegovina which is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe celebrates a number of festivals which have gotten the attraction of many countries, foreigners and travelers  all over the world. Some of its best known festivals include:

Sarajevo Fashion Week (European Festival of Design)

Sarajevo Fashion Week

This fashion week is held in Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and is held twice a year (in May and November) since 2000. Sarajevo Fashion Week is not only held in Sarajevo to place the city of Sarajevo side by side to fashion metropolis centers, but it’s also held in the right place to introduce competitiveness at the domestic market, initiate the development of textile industry, and create opportunity for young designers to show their work and talent and for well known designers establish business contacts and present their work outside of BiH, attending fashion fairs and events around the world.

Attracting talented and creative designers all over the world, the festival is positioned very high on scale of different cultural and art projects that are important for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event is attended by thousands of people twice a year in Bosnia.

Sarajevo Winter Festival

Sarajevo Winter Festival

Sarajevo Winter Festival which is a traditional meeting place for artists and citizens from all over the world was first is held in 1984 and for the past thirty two years the Festival has become an inseparable part of the city life. Surprisingly, the “Sarajevo Winter” Festival was not prevented from taking place even in the times of war, and has become a symbol of freedom of creativity and a place for familiarizing with diverse cultures and civilizations.

This festival is organized by the International Peace Center Sarajevo. International Peace Center is a member of the International Society for the performing Arts (ISPA), the European Festival Association (EFA) and Association of Biennials of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean (BJCEM). The festival hosts projects like exhibitions, music, films & video, workshop/gathering, visual arts, children programmes and many more.

Saravejo Film Festival (SFF)

Saravejo Film Festival (SFF)

The SFF has become the most honored festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unlike the untouchable glitter of Cannes or Venice, this event is a perfect occasion to mix and mingle with local and international stars alike. Aside from the main stage showings, the ‘Panaroma’ and regional shows host some of the world’s best documentaries and it’s definitely the best venue to get a taste of southeast Europe’s best filmmakers. This year the festival will be held between 12th -20th August and great renowned film stars will be present. You can’t dare miss this festival that brings the glory and glamour in the film industry!

The specific aim of SFF lies in promoting and aiding the development of regional cinematography and authors. Its goal is to act as the main meeting point where international and regional cinema converge in a spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange through the presentation of the finest and most recent achievements in world cinema.

Saravejo Jazz Festival

Sarajevo Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival started in 1997 and has grown considerably in popularity and has maintained its very grassroots feel. It’s a week-long event that not only covers some of the world’s best Jazz but also invites new and cutting edge artists for late night performances in several venues around the city. This annual celebration of contemporary music based on jazz and improvised music – which takes place every first week of November – has presented hundreds of musicians from 60 countries in more than 300 concerts. If you love Jazz – jazz fest is for you and if you really don’t love it, you will love it this year, I promise!

Baščaršija Nights

Baščaršija Nights

The delightful place to be during the summer months of Bosnia is in the Sarajevo’s old Turkish quarter. Throughout the month of July when the summer starts, Bascarsija Nights` offers a heterogeneous full month programme of folk dancing, opera, ballet, rock, love songs and poetry and children programmes. The festival is also held at the Central stage on the plateau opposite the building of City Hall as well on the other open stages in Sarajevo. Naturally, the biggest part of the program is held in old part of the city – Bascarsija – which is full of cultural and historical monuments. NB: All of the events in this summer month are free of charge. Will you really miss a free event?

These plus many other festivals celebrated in Bosnia-Herzegovina should make you book an immediate flight to tour this beautiful & blessed country.

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