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28 May

DMC – A Creator Of Memorable Experience In Tourist Destinations

Destination Management Companies are professional service providers with local knowledge, expertise, and resource of local places and can be the best travel agencies and advisors to the tourists. Along with meet and greet services and local transportations, DMC bear the best knowledge of the latest events and activities, excursions, hotel accommodations, gala dinners and parties across the city.

Being local companies, they have equipped themselves with complete knowledge of that destination.

They are the best providers of preferential rates of travel-traded services. Their role extends to the branding, marketing, and also communication activities pertaining that destination while it makes its services known to tourists.

Most travel agencies have created strong business relationships with overseas destination management companies so that they can be effective in their operation in this world of competitive tourism. Although sometimes, for instance, travel agencies plan holiday itineraries for their clients, they work hand in hand with the DMCs who help them to create memorable holiday experiences for their clients.

Since they are the local companies at the destination, they are better able to plan comprehensive tourist packages and programs. They do this by combining different aspects of the holistic travel experience and include some unique and specific themes to enhance the alluring ‘power’ of that destination. Some of these themes include festive gala dinners, themed events and local market visits etc.

In addition to this, DMCs also acts as good bridges for marketing the less popular tourist attractions with the tourists.

Most of these DMCs have a strong online and media influence, and therefore they play a significant role to market and advertise less explored places and popularize these places to the world outside.  In this way, they attract new market segments and create added value for the destination product. Appropriate marketing and good knowledge of such places will attract more tourists and eventually benefit the growth of the tourism industry of that country.  (Get in touch with to learn how you can popularize your destination)

DMCs also specialize in arranging business travels such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. MICE events have outwardly manifested growth impact in the tourism experience. Both local and foreign tourists show a high level of trust to companies within the destinations that have precise knowledge and information about the place and the overall situation within that destination. An excellent example of such a company is Forty Travels Destinations which is a DMC specialist in countries like Rep of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

Photo credit: VISITFLANDERS on Visualhunt

In conclusion, destination management companies help to create a memorable experience in the travel industry like never before. Their presence and amazing services had both encouraged and attracted even the savvy DIY (do-it-yourself) travellers to embrace them undoubtedly irrespective of their nature of organizing their holidays.

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