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04 Nov

Don’t miss out on 45th UAE National Day celebration

The United Arabs Emirates together with its allies is eagerly waiting for its National Day that will be celebrated on 2nd December this year. Everything is being put in its place to ensure that the big day will become successful and memorable.

The UAE National Day 2016 will be marking 45 years since the expiring of the United Kingdom treaty; and whereby in 1971 the sheikdoms decided to join and become one union. At first these sheikdoms were six namely: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah and Oman. But later on in 1972 the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah was added to this union making the sheikdoms seven in total.

As these emirates celebrate their unison and freedom day together, the United Arabs Emirates government is planning a series of events that week to ensure that all its citizens feel the right of being independent. On top of the normal activities which are part of the festival there will be musical evening with singers from UAE and Arab world. Celebrations will also include competitions, auctions and heritage interactive exhibitions and firework displays. This is one holiday days in UAE that you should not contemplate on missing.

For the last couple of years, thousands of visitors flock in UAE especially in some of the most renowned emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi to celebrate and feel the flavors that come with this National Day. According to many travelers the UAE National Day is the most entertaining day and week for a solo, romantic or family vacation.

Below are some of the things you can do during the UAE week period:

Shop Across the city

Mercato Shopping Mall

P.C – Mercato Shopping Mall

Having in mind that you are in shopping paradise city, grab the opportunity to shop all that you ever desired on relatively cheaper prices. The Global Market, malls, shopping epic centers, and supermarkets will offer you products of your choice.  Fill your basket with varieties of items including foods, clothes and electronics.

Dine the Arabian Way

dubai local emirati cuisine

P.C – visitdubai

Spoil yourself and your family with the best Arabian dishes and drinks. There are plenty of affordable restaurants that will make your belly absolutely full. Don’t eat what you are used to but you can change your diet in alignment with the Arabs way of dining. Dishes like Ghuzi, Matchbous, and Falalel will make you never forget Dubai.

Relax the Arabian way

Leisuer in Dubai

There are so many relaxation destinations in Dubai and UAE as a whole and it’s your high time to visit them. Visit some of the leading beaches and islands in this city and for a while you will forget that you are in planet earth. If beaches, islands and city restaurants aren’t giving you satisfaction, run into the desert restaurant like Bab Al Shams Desert Resort &Spa and relax watching sand dunes. You can also opt for a walk-stretch in this desert area.

Enjoy Desert Safari

Desert Safari

A desert safari should not be missed out either. Experienced drivers will whips you around the sand dunes with 4X4 Pickups, driving carefully with high speed to give you a memorable experience in the desert. Whether it’s a morning dune drive or an evening drive, there will stopping centres for photos, camel rides etc.

Live a Desert Life


So many good things happen in the deserts. People living in these deserts can tell you the advantages they pride in. Tourists visiting the desert in Dubai have the golden opportunity to enjoy sand boarding/skiing, quad-biking even as they watch desert wildlife like the Arabian Oryx. In the evening you are served a delicious barbecue dinner after which you are entertained by belly dancers around a campfire by starlight.

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