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20 Dec

DSF 2017 – 9 Important Traveling & Shopping Tips

We are all heading to Dubai for the launching of Dubai Shopping Festival DSF which is knocking hard on the door. If you haven’t decided where to go, please join us as we fly to Dubai and experience the great shopping extravaganza which has become the recent news in the our media fraternity. And because DSF will be celebrating its 22nd birthday, come and participate in eating its big colorful cake plus other shopping goodies. The festival starts on 26th December and ends on 28th January


As you pack for this shopping trip the following shopping and traveling tips will help to understand what’s there and what’s needed for the trip.

1) Take a Research – In Dubai malls and markets, merchandisers are usually very busy showcasing and selling their products. We therefore recommend that you do a thorough research to find out the best shopper friendly malls which offer good discount prices and free gifts. Many international retail outlets offer their special shopping discount through their websites. This has also provoked many international airlines such as the Emirates, Etihad Airways to give attractive airfares and packages for Dubai which include tickets, airport transfers, hotel accommodation and sightseeing.

2) Keep your baggage less lumping – This is because there are lots of things you have on return and if your belongings exceed the standard baggage allowance (30kg in Economy Class for Emirates Airlines) you need to buy additional baggage allowance package which costs 234 GBP for 10KG or less if you fly from Dubai to London.

3) List watch of what to buy – Shopping is very enticing and if you are not careful enough you might be tempted to buying ‘everything’ which some you did not plan for. It’s therefore advisable to plan and prepare a list of the items that you would like to buy. Carry your list with you every time you are in the shopping paradise. This will help you not overspend on items which you haven’t given as priority.

4) Seek Locals Advice – Dubai local people are very friendly and generous. They promote their country by being the first customers in Dubai Shopping Festival. The locals know ‘where to get what’ and the best shopping areas. Do not hesitate to ask a local person if in case it’s your first visit in Dubai and you are stranded. But if you see a bother to the locals, consult your local guides before purchasing and goods so as to get the best idea of the products and discount prices.

5) Check out for shopping packages – There are so many malls in Dubai giving different prices and offers. Don’t rush buying all items you had listed in one mall because it might be that the next mall you dint enter had the same items with lower prices, attracting gifts and

amazing offers. Explore the shopping packages of different malls and keep your ears/eyes open.

6) Discounted Price –The moment you start shopping in Dubai Shopping Festival you will experience a heavy shopping discount, attractive gifts, product promotions and market launches and most importantly the unique DSF shopping offers such as winning raffles which include gold, diamond, luxurious vehicles just to mention!

7) Discount comparison – Make sure you compare the discounts offered by various shops, markets, malls boutiques because some may be lower compared to other. Don’t tire walking the streets window shopping and comparing the prices of the items you want to purchase. One way of comparing discounts is checking in the websites to see what gifts and discounts the shopping grounds have to offer for the items you wish to buy. If you have any additional coupons or vouchers, this is where you use them to get even better prices.

8) Buy less expensive things first – Once you have your eye on something very expensive, your brain loses perspective on what’s a good price. Buying the less expensive things first enables you to budget for the more pricy items. The discounts on all the small items can surely outdo a small discount on a big item.

9) Participate in raffle draw – many who have participated in raffle draws offered in Dubai Shopping Festival have celebrated their

winnings because these raffles are real and heart-satisfying. So don’t just shop what you had written in the watch list but try your luck also. Who knows whether you will win that Lexus 4X4 vehicle or any other vehicle? So remember to enter into raffle draws and win yourself cash vouchers, gold coins, cars, etc. Global Village in Dubai hosts one of the biggest raffles some going up to AED 500, 000.

For any query about Dubai Shopping Festival, please contact us at or our UAE contact number: +9719 2225494.

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