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29 Dec




The countdown of waiving 2016 is sloping down very quickly. And within some few days we will be boarding the “2017 plane” which will be carrying us throughout the year. In 2016, we have experienced many great things that happened in our company thanks to our God. We had many goals to achieve, resolutions to fulfill and in either way we’ve made a step forward. We appreciate all our clients who have made us conquer this fading year!

But it might be that 2016 was not your year per say. Probably you had planned many things and only a handful of them have gone your way. Or perhaps you had written many resolutions and none of them came to achievement. Relax and thank your God because you are alive, that you are breathing, that you are not sick, and that you’re healthy. This is the greatest blessing you can ever have. Anything additional to this is a supplement! Rejoice therefore that your God has been faithful to you and cause he has good plans for you.

Now as we unlock 2017, it’s my prayer that you will not let it slip away before you swim in it. There are so many goodies that the New Year will be bringing in especially in the travel industry.  And I encourage you lessen your belt and allow yourself to travel the world. This world is too beautiful to die without touring it. Please don’t allow the procrastination ‘spirit’ to steal your joy of exploring the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature. This is why one philosopher said that “procrastination is the grave in which opportunities are buried.”

And just a few days ago, the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has declared year 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In addition, a survey conducted by Virtuoso (a leading international travel agency network specializing in luxury and experiential travel) states that 2017 will be a year for travelers wishing to explore new destinations, seek authentic experiences, personal enrichment, adventure and rest and relaxation.

Therefore we at Forty Travel & Tourism Agency encourage you to join millions of travelers who will be crisscrossing the world horizon in search of new explores and discoveries. We believe that life is short. And if there’s something you want to do, do it now. Spend time with nature. Find out what it offers. Traveling gives you an opportunity to see the world, a chance to rediscover yourself. It’s an active recovery moment away from your motherland.

Currently we are offering travel packages to Dubai, India, Kenya, South Africa, Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Egypt, Tanzania, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Slovakia and Montenegro. And guess it right that next year we’ll be opening more new destinations.

By clicking you will have a chance to book the country of your desired destination. And we will give the best prices ever! We value you so much and we’re ready to enter 2017 hand in hand with you!

God bless!!

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