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22 May

How Technology Is Changing Travel Industry

The advent of new technologies has helped the travel industry to grow and develop in new dimensions which did not exist couple of years ago. It has taught the travel industry many innovative and new ways to operate. Tour agencies and tour operators are now able to meet the customer expectation and satisfaction more efficiently leading to a brand reputation of the industry.

Below we shall discuss how technology is changing the travel industry and what can we learn from the new changes.

World of Internet Technology

Perhaps, we’re the luckiest generation to live where we have access to the internet. The affordability and accessibility of the internet usage, have brought an impact to the travel industry both to the “sellers and the buyers.” For instance, travellers can now find directions to points of interest, get travel ideas such as finding best destinations to visit or sharing their travel experiences with their allies through the social media platforms. Travel agencies, on the other hand, give timely responses and facilitate quick bookings to the satisfaction of their clients.


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Air Transport Advancement

Technology has brought the innovation of bigger planes with capacities to carry many travellers with Airbus 380 which can carry up to 853 passengers. This is a high boost to the travel industry which mainly relies on the air transportation of its clients from one location to another. Some good news is that some of the airlines are cost-effective as they sometimes lower the flight charges with the aim of attracting more customers.



Mobile Phone Evolution

The mobile technology has greatly impacted how technology is changing the travel industry. Travellers are now able to book flights, packages, accommodations and even car rental when sitting on their sofas using the smart phones. A statistics done in 2015 showed that the travel and tourism app is the 7th most downloaded app category. It continued to reveal that 60% of smart phone users downloaded this app and 45% in this group uses it regularly to plan for holiday trips. Today, 85% people use their smart phones to plan their leisure trip holiday.



Emergence of Chatbots

Many business industries including the travel industry have adopted the usage of chatbots that helps to reach and communicate with clients. Clients are now able to communicate with tour agencies or operators through the AI chat messaging irrespective of where they are, either at home, on the plane or in their holiday destinations.

In conclusion, we can say that the future of the travel industry will rely and depend on technology.  Therefore, tour agencies and operators have to keep it in mind how to continuously improve their services so that they can sustain this competitive industry. They need to seek and adopt every advantage that technology is bringing forth.

Let us know what you think about how technology can help to improve the travel experience. Share your ideas with us.