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11 May

How to Build your Travel Brand?

Branding can easily be defined as the perception or image that comes to a client’s mind about your product or service even before you tell them. Travel agencies need to concentrate much on their branding because it outwardly gives the impression about that agency even before its services are known.

Travel companies should ask themselves why business companies like Coca-Cola never stop branding and re-branding their product. Your image means a lot to your clients. As a matter of fact, an agent’s physical appearance, dressing code can tell if he’ll get the business.

Below I outline few steps on how to build your travel brand.

Have the Right Logo

Your logo should be a captivating image that leaves a memory in the minds of your clients either on your business card or website. It should be a communicating tool that creates an identity, invites old and new clients, giving you an upper hand with your competitors.

Power of the Name.

What is the name of your agency? Names give clients a more in-depth knowledge of your services. Your name should be appealing, informing and creating awareness of your service.

Be Consistent

Don’t be hit and run business that appears once after a long time. Don’t make a mistake of changing your brand now and then; you will confuse your clients. And whether there’s business or no business, always keep your agency operational. Keep posting travel alerts on your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Let your clients hear from you!

Do a detailed Research

It’s actually required to do thorough research on the name and logo you are to give your agency; or else you find yourself fighting lawsuits for using someone else’s name, logo, or trademark. Research also helps you to know who your competitors are and what they offer different from yours. It will also help you to understand who your potential customers are.

Advertise Aggressively

Don’t be ashamed to talk about your travel brand. Whether it’s a new agency or a non-existing one spread its services to those near and far from you. Spend both time and money advertising it, and you will be building a robust, non-comparable firm brand.

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