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11 May

How To Excel as A Good Travel Advisor

In this competitive world, both professionalism and perfectionism are required to achieve success. Travel advisors who aren’t “good” and skillful in the services they give, will eventually lose morale, get tired and go home.

A travel advisor who masters the effectiveness of being a top agent will by no means attract more travellers in his network.

Below I outline the top eight secrets behind a good – successful travel advisor.

Never Stop Learning


An excellent and successful advisor never stops learning. He’s always increasing his knowledge and skills to not only offer the best customer service but also have a specialization. If you got a certificate in travel-related training, plan to scale it up & get a diploma, bachelor or master level certification. Travel knowledge is needed in this competitive era. To know more about how formal training helps travel advisors, read our blog here.

Understand Your Clients


You can’t be a good travel advisor if you don’t understand your clients. Know exactly what they want, how they want it and where they want it. Your work is to give appropriate advice where it’s needed.

Have A Right Attitude


It is such an uphill task when we have to preach a gospel that we don’t believe in. You might not have travelled so wide, but reading about the place itself will give you the right attitude to be a great travel advisor. To improve your attitude watch travel documentaries, visit official tourism board websites, follow travel influencers, etc. You will be amazed how much interest you can develop in places that you haven’t visited.

Get In Touch With Hotels To Get Their Rates


Many hotels always have discounted rates which they offer to travel agents. As a travel agent, get hotel details and contacts and create a good rapport with them. You will make high sales, attract more customers and your business will never go dwindling.

Encourage Local Tourism


Sometimes we feel that the tourism experience is meant for foreigners or people with so much disposable income. This can be overridden by practically planning short and affordable tours and trips around the country. For example, a hike to the Menengai Crater in Nakuru, Kenya or a road trip to the famous Maasai Mara or even an Easter vacation to Mauritius. These are a few examples that can help you make a proper itinerary as a travel advisor.

Take Advantage of Travel Opportunity

As a travel advisor, you must be excited about any opportunity that crops up to travel any part of the world. If you enter a competition that awards you with a safari – I will advise – go for it. Prepare your travel bag and find out about the safari that you could win.

Share Your Stories


Wherever you go, talk about it. Document whatever you see, the games you play, the food you eat, the entertainment sessions, the saunas the boat rides, the dinners – post them all over your social media – and you will be a convincing travel advisor. Please don’t wait for an attractive model to pose for your photos. You are the best model and the best travel agent, right?

Provide Options


A traveller won’t want to feel stuck with one way of the itinerary. A great travel advisor will provide options because things may change along the way and the client needs to know what his options are.

In addition to the above points, you are the only one who can master the skills to be the best travel consultant.

And finally, remember that we’re in a competitive world that demands the BEST!


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