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14 May
Indian Visa Guide and information

Indian Visa Guide & Information – Travel Tips

Visa rules vary from one country to another. There’re nations that have complicated ways of acquiring a visa. Such countries not only lack an influx of visitors but they tend to be struggling economically because there’s no trade with other countries.

India is one among the many countries that offers many types of visas which include: Business Visa, Conference Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Employment Visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa, Journalist Visa, Medical Visa, Missionaries Visa, and Permit to re-enter within 2 months, Research Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa, and Transit Visa. Your permit to India depends with the purpose of your visit and from which county you come from.

India is working in a plan to grant visa to about 180 countries. As for now, India grants visa on arrival to the citizens of the following nations, provided they are not of Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin: Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

There are some important facts to remember for these countries which obtain a visa on arrival:

  1. The visa on arrival is granted for a period of 30 days
  2. It  is valid for single entry only
  3. This visa on arrival is granted for the purpose of tourism only.
  4. Only two visits on a Tourist Visa-on-Arrival is permissible in a calendar year.
  5. There must be a gap of at least two months between each visit.


Visitors having a Persons of Indian Origin Card are exempted from having a visa to enter India, provided they are not citizens of the following nations: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. But citizens of Bhutan, Maldives (Up to 90 days stay), and Nepal have a visa-free exempt entry to India.

All citizens from UAE, UK, USA and China can apply for their visas online and receive the green light within five days, before picking up their visa at the airport on arrival in India. Apart from all the above named countries, all foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad.

How to Reach India

By Air

The major international airports in India, which serve traffic from all over the world, are in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad. Booking these airlines will definitely land you in India.

By Road

Except the Lahore-Delhi bus which used to run 4 times a week, but is now erratic, there are no cross border coach services. It is possible to drive into India with the requisite paperwork in order. Even driving in from Nepal now requires a permit. Permits may be arranged through the Indian embassy in your country.

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