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05 Jan

5 Fascinating Places to Visit in Montenegro

There is no doubt that the small nation of Montenegro is quickly becoming a popular travel destination. Due to its all round season attracting features including rugged mountains, gorgeous beaches, and postcard pre-historic towns, this country has seen a great influx of visitors who are in a thirst to explore the hidden charms of this country.

Below we outline some of the best holiday destination to tour when you land in this nation found in southeastern Europe.

1) Perast


Perast is a key principal attraction on the Bay of Kotor rich in Venice-like architecture which include seven important orthodox structures and a series of nine defensive towers, all set in stone and seemingly untouched by the scourge of modern day tourism. This village also boasts of sixteen baroque palaces and seventeen Catholic churches of many years ago. Ensure you enjoy the vista views of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Also the church of St. Nikola found in the backshore shouldn’t be missed in your day out tour. It offers pleasant views that a climb up to the belfry offering scenic sights of the town and bay.

2) Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a small islet and 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, approximately six kilometers southeast of Budva. Formerly an island, today Sveti Stefan is a five-star franchise hotel of the international group of Aman Resorts which is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The resort in total contains 50 rooms, cottages and suites on the island and eight grand suites at the Villa Miločer. This hotel is incredibly beautiful!

3) Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a spectacular destination with a world class, full service marina. This yacht marina is completed by luxury waterfront homes for rent and sale, with international dining options, lively bars and wide range of sporty games, leisure and cultural activities. The marina is located in the beautiful UNESCO protected bay of Kotor and it attracts thousands of visitors annually. At the Porto Montenegro you will not only enjoy the warm breeze of the Bay but also have great vista views of the surrounding mountain landscapes. The recent completion of this marina in July 2015, the marina can now accommodate the largest yachts in the world; with berths up to 250mm in size.

4) Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

This coastal town is located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mt. Orjen. It’s a city commonly known as the city under th sun due to many numbers of sunny days throughout the year. One attracting thing about this city is the beautiful thick greenery. It’s a place where you would want to make a home due to the beautiful, alluring and amazing flower scent found in here. At Herceg Novi town, you will find numerous kinds of tropical flowers some which you have never seen! If you visit this town in January the town becomes scented with the subtle fragrance of yellow and green mimosa whereby the festival of Praznik Mimosa is dedicated to this. More festivals are held in this town during the summer seasons in the aim of attracting more tourists in this amazing town.

5) Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar

You may call this lake also Lake Scutari, Lake Shkoder or Lake Shkodër whichever is easier for pronouncing, but surprisingly it’s not just a lake. Lake Skadar is the longest lake in southern Europe and apparently it’s also a national park. The national park is renowned as one of Europe’s top bird habitation having about 270 bird species making it a more attractive place for birders. But due to its beautiful step mountains, island monasteries and clear freshwaters, the Lake Skadar National park attracts thousands of nature lovers and it offers the best atmosphere site for outdoor activities away from the noisy streets and heat from Podgorica, the capital city.

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  • 03 Jan

    Slovakia Visa Requirements & Policies

    Slovakia is a central European country known for its dramatic natural landscape and many castles. The beauty of this republic is attracting thousands of travelers annually making it a tourist hub destination. You don’t have to search long for this country in the map because you will easily find in among the Schengen Member States.

    schengen countries

    For anyone who has a desire to visit this country in the upcoming seasons, here is a quick view of understanding its visa requirement.

    There are four types of visas for Slovakia and it’s up to the foreigner to choose whichever suits him/her depending on the length and purpose of the stay. They include: Airport visa, Transit visa, Entry visa (Travel/Tourist visa) and Long-term visa. It is good to note that for the Entry visa, it entitles foreigners to enter the Schengen countries for a visit or several visits, but the duration of the stay cannot exceed 90 days within a period of 6 months from the date of the first entry. This visa can be granted for one or more entries.   

    This tells you that citizens of Schengen countries do not require any special additional visa for visiting Slovakia because Slovakia is part of Schengen countries. The Schengen Member States are countries of the European Economic Area, which agreed on the abolition of border controls between themselves and on common visa regulations. Currently there twenty six member states which include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary just to name a few. Out of the twenty six countries, twenty two of them fully implement the Schengen Aquis. Only four of them which are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), implement Schengen Aquis through Specific Agreements related to the Schengen Agreement. They include: Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, and Liechtenstein

    If you are a UK, USA, Australia or Canadian citizen you don’t need to have a visa when visiting Slovakia for up to 90days.

    Citizens of all the other countries must have to apply for a visa before visiting the republic of Slovakia. These countries include almost all African countries, United Arabs Emirates, Caucasian countries, many Middle Eastern countries, China, Japan, Haiti, Philippines, Taiwan and Peru just to mention a few. All citizens of these countries need to apply for a visa earlier, but not earlier than 3 months before the planned trip.

    NB: The statutory deadline for granting visas is 30 days after the date of application receipt.

    But for foreigners of countries which there are signed agreements by the European Community on easier and faster granting of visas are exceptions. In these cases, the deadline for a decision is set at 10 days after the receipt of a complete visa application. These countries include: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

    Foreigners who are subject to visa requirements and who wish to enter the Schengen Area with the primary purpose of staying in Slovakia are required to submit an application for visa at the local Slovak Embassy or Consulate-General. If the foreigner has a residence permit in other country than the country of his nationality, he/she can apply for visa at the Embassy / Consulate-General in the country of his current residence.

    They following documents are needed for the approval of a visa entry in Slovakia
    1. Completed application form
    2. Color facial image3 cm x 3.5 cm
    3. Valid travel document (Passport)Validity must be at least 3 months longer than the expected validity of the visa.
    4. Documents indicating the purpose and conditions of the planned visit – Invitation letter or a Voucher if it is an organized tour.
    5. International travel insurance
    6. Voucher issued by travel agency – Voucher must contain information about paid services, not just a reservation or partial payment of services.
    7. Other documents – The embassy or the Consulate-General is allowed to request any other documents to verify the declared purpose of travel and the applicant’s intention to return to the home country or country of residence

    For more information on Slovakia visa requirements click

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  • 29 Dec




    The countdown of waiving 2016 is sloping down very quickly. And within some few days we will be boarding the “2017 plane” which will be carrying us throughout the year. In 2016, we have experienced many great things that happened in our company thanks to our God. We had many goals to achieve, resolutions to fulfill and in either way we’ve made a step forward. We appreciate all our clients who have made us conquer this fading year!

    But it might be that 2016 was not your year per say. Probably you had planned many things and only a handful of them have gone your way. Or perhaps you had written many resolutions and none of them came to achievement. Relax and thank your God because you are alive, that you are breathing, that you are not sick, and that you’re healthy. This is the greatest blessing you can ever have. Anything additional to this is a supplement! Rejoice therefore that your God has been faithful to you and cause he has good plans for you.

    Now as we unlock 2017, it’s my prayer that you will not let it slip away before you swim in it. There are so many goodies that the New Year will be bringing in especially in the travel industry.  And I encourage you lessen your belt and allow yourself to travel the world. This world is too beautiful to die without touring it. Please don’t allow the procrastination ‘spirit’ to steal your joy of exploring the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature. This is why one philosopher said that “procrastination is the grave in which opportunities are buried.”

    And just a few days ago, the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has declared year 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In addition, a survey conducted by Virtuoso (a leading international travel agency network specializing in luxury and experiential travel) states that 2017 will be a year for travelers wishing to explore new destinations, seek authentic experiences, personal enrichment, adventure and rest and relaxation.

    Therefore we at Forty Travel & Tourism Agency encourage you to join millions of travelers who will be crisscrossing the world horizon in search of new explores and discoveries. We believe that life is short. And if there’s something you want to do, do it now. Spend time with nature. Find out what it offers. Traveling gives you an opportunity to see the world, a chance to rediscover yourself. It’s an active recovery moment away from your motherland.

    Currently we are offering travel packages to Dubai, India, Kenya, South Africa, Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Egypt, Tanzania, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Slovakia and Montenegro. And guess it right that next year we’ll be opening more new destinations.

    By clicking you will have a chance to book the country of your desired destination. And we will give the best prices ever! We value you so much and we’re ready to enter 2017 hand in hand with you!

    God bless!!

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  • 26 Dec

    9 Things to do in Nairobi, Kenya

    Nairobi city the capital of Kenya, Africa’s most developing nation, is the next destination you wouldn’t fail to visit in 2017. This city commonly known as the “City under the Sun” will amaze you due to its distinctive beauty which is sensational and also breathtaking. This city hosts hundreds of tourist’s attraction sites, including a national park – making it the only city with a national park in the whole world!

    Must read: Mind blowing experience at the Masai Mara Safari in Kenya, Africa

    Below we outline to you some of the things to do when you visit this city. And remember that Nairobi city have lately hosted many United Nations Conferences affirming to you that it’s a very safe capital.

    1) Visit Nairobi National Park

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Have a ‘safari” (travel) drive in Nairobi National Park which is a unique ecosystem and the only protected reserve in the world that adjoins a capital city. The park has a large and diverse wildlife population and guided game drives can be arranged from any hotel. There is also an elevated ‘Safari Walk’ for a bird’s eye view of the park. This is a approximately 20mins drive from Nairobi Central Business District.

    2) Kiss A Giraffe

    Nairobi National park

    Visit the Giraffe Center that has been set up as a breeding center for the endangered Rothschild giraffe. You can get good information on giraffes here and an elevated feeding platform where you can meet the resident giraffes face to face, leading to a kiss like no other. This is approximately 15mins from Central Business District.

    3) Adopt An Elephant

    Elephant in Nairobi

    The Sheldrick Orphanage is a focal point for Elephant Conservation in Kenya. Elephant calves orphaned by poaching are brought here from all over the country. They receive extremely specialized treatment and literally receive personal care 24 hours a day from highly dedicated staff who becomes surrogate mothers to the calves. Visitors to the orphanage can adopt an elephant and perhaps get an opportunity for a selfie with the baby elephants.

    4) Re-Live The Magic of “Out Of Africa”

    Karen Blixen Museum

    Built in 1912, the Karen Blixen Museum was home to Danish Author, poet and artist- Karen Blixen. The museum continues to captivate visitors inspired by Karen Blixen’s life story. The farm house gained international fame with the release of the movie ‘Out of Africa’, an Oscar winning film based on Karen’s autobiography of the same title. A tour of the house is an intimate experience. It’s about 21kms from Central Business District.

    5) Visit Nairobi National Museum

    Nairobi National Museum

    A visit to the Nairobi National Museum will take you a journey through Kenya’s history, nature, culture and contemporary art in its entire splendor under one room. Also within the grounds of the Museum are the famous Snake Park, Botanical Gardens and Nature Trail. Visit the Nairobi National Museum and discover Kenya’s rich heritage.

    6) Enjoy A Cold Tusker Or Taste The Finest Coffee

    Nyama Choma

    Going out in Nairobi can be described as simply vibrant. There are plenty of entertainment options in some of the city’s stylish and exciting restaurants, bars and nightclubs where you could dance the night away as you enjoy a cold Tusker and “Nyama Choma” with friends. Alternatively you can enjoy Kenya’s coffee or tea at one of the many chic coffee shops in Nairobi.

    7) Enjoy A Round of Golf

    Sigona Golf clubs

    Nairobi’s golf courses personify the charm of golfing in Kenya. Most courses in Nairobi are just a short hop from the city center. All of Nairobi’s courses enjoy wonderful natural surroundings and a tremendous variety of landscapes, from the subtropical forests of Windsor to the higher plantations and temperate woodlands of Limuru and Sigona Golf clubs.

    8) Visit A Maasai Market

    Maasai Market

    The city hosts several separate open markets at various locations around the city commonly christened the Maasai Market. One is bound to find a wide selection of gifts and other memorabilia to crown your visit, from Kenya’s famous tea and coffee, all purpose fabric wraps to beautiful stone and wood carvings, all inspired by the diverse range of cultures within Kenya’s borders

    9) Kazuri Beads

    Kazuri Beads

    Kazuri Beads was founded by the late Lady Susan Wood back in 1975 to create employment for struggling single mothers, Kazuri now employs 350 local women. The workshop is still located where she started Kazuri 36 years ago in Karen on part of the coffee farm once owned by Karen Blixen of ‘Out of Africa’ fame. Karen, named after Karen Blixen, is a beautiful residential area just a few miles outside Nairobi located at the foot of the Ngong Hills between Kenya’s bustling capital and the spectacular Rift Valley.

    Many Kazuri styles are named after areas, tribes and other features of the Kenyan landscape; evocative names that resonate with the organic nature of the clay that comes from its earth. So a Kazuri piece is more than an item of jewelry, it’s a piece of Kenya. Kazuri, which means ‘small & beautiful’ in Swahili, is Fair Trade. 

    Also read: Kenya wins World Travel Awards (WTA) 2016

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  • 23 Dec

    7 Reasons To Visit Montenegro

    Montenegro is a Balkan Peninsula country well known due to its rugged-mighty mountains and medieval villages. Its capital city is Podgorica – a city well placed in the middle of this nation, which got its independence from the Serbians in 2006. This country is rich in natural wealth, clear lakes and fast flowing rivers, attractive coastal mild beaches just to name a few. Within its geographical point in the Balkan map countries, this land is absolutely rich in indisputable beauty. 

    I know you may be wondering why travelers, visitors and foreigners are all heading to this virgin and unexplored nation hold. Take a rest and relax.

    Below are some of the main reasons why you also need to book a flight to Montenegro.

    1) Tour Kotor Town

    Kotor Town

    Kotor is located in the coastal region of Montenegro. It is one of the top tourist destinations in this country offering spectacular clean atmosphere. This town which sits along the Adriatic coastline will offer you amazing attraction sights which will leave you breathless. Some of these sites include Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Town walls, St Tryphons Cathedral; St Mary’s Collegiate Church etc. These sites are attractive to the eyes and satisfy your heart. Check our blog for more of these sites in Kotor.

    2) Montenegro Cuisines

    Montenegro Cuisines

    If you have been looking for a destination where foods are not just foods but are sweet-delicious body energizing cuisines, then Montenegro is the place. Ensure you dine in Montenegro’s hotels and restaurants and allow the waiter to serve you the tradition food which has a root cause from Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and Croatian dishes. It is important to note that Montenegrin cuisine varies geographically; the cuisine in the coastal area differs from the one in the northern highland region. The coastal area is traditionally a representative of Mediterranean cuisine with seafood being a common dish.

    3) Bay of Kotor

    Bay of Kotor

    Probably a good photo of this bay can speak much about its beauty. This bay of Kotor is not only beautiful but also captivating and alluring. Many cruise ships dock in this bay ferrying thousands of visitors from across the world. Not far from the bar is an old fortress which has about 1,000 stairs. Don’t tire climbing it coz the beauty from its top is worth a small fee charged on its ground floor.

    Must read: Top things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    4) Mountainous Country

    mountains in Montenegro

    One scholar said that a mountainous country is a beauty country and I tend to agree with him. Due to the mighty mountains in Montenegro, the beauty is worthy to behold! Enthusiastic hikers have a golden opportunity to measure their hiking speed in this attractive nation. There are so many hiking schools and centers to educate you on the easiest ways to conquer the rugged mountains in this country. So come prepared with all hiking gears to hike, hike and hike the Montenegro’s beautiful hills and mountains.

    5) Amazing Restaurants

    restaurants in Montenegro

    Montenegro is well known in the Mediterranean seaside as a country with reputable and affordable restaurants. Many of these restaurants are built in the modern architectural design attracts hordes of tourists annually. Some of these hotels include Catovica Mlini, Konoba Koliba, and Pod Volat just to mention a few. Surprisingly, almost all Montenegro municipalities boast of good quality restaurants.

    6) Beautiful Beaches

    Montenegro coast

    Don’t make a mistake of departing from Montenegro without visiting its beaches which will offer you amazing views and experiences. As a matter of fact, Montenegro coast is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Tourists from all over the world enjoy in beautiful beaches across this Coast. One of the famous beaches is the Big Beach which is the longest beach at the Adriatic Sea. This beach found in Ulcinj is a favorite among tourists because of the petty sand, whose grain has a very small diameter and it resembles flour. Other beaches includes Crvena Plaza beach (Red Beach), Queens beach, Becici beach in Budva, Plavi Horizonti in Tivat etc.

    7) Montenegro’s Amazing National Parks

    Skadar Lake national Park

    A visit to Montenegro’s national parks should not only be a must thing to do in your itinerary but also a purposed discovery of the beautiful ild nature Montenegro boast of. The National Parks of Montenegro are landscapes of breathtakingly well preserved nature, all rich in wildlife and cultural heritage. The national parks offers the best outdoor adventure activities such as: walking through primeval forests, rafting down the rapids of the Tara River, cycling through the wilderness, kayaking through vast meadows of water flowers, bird watching, climbing mountain peaks or cruising through the waters of glacial lakes. Such national parks include: Durmitor National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Lovcen National Park, Skadar Lake national Park, Biogradska Gora National Park, Prokletije National Park etc.

    There are so many other reasons why you need to visit Montenegro but I believe these seven reasons sums them all! Check out for more of our upcoming Montenegro’s blogs.

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  • 20 Dec

    DSF 2017 – 9 Important Traveling & Shopping Tips

    We are all heading to Dubai for the launching of Dubai Shopping Festival DSF which is knocking hard on the door. If you haven’t decided where to go, please join us as we fly to Dubai and experience the great shopping extravaganza which has become the recent news in the our media fraternity. And because DSF will be celebrating its 22nd birthday, come and participate in eating its big colorful cake plus other shopping goodies. The festival starts on 26th December and ends on 28th January


    As you pack for this shopping trip the following shopping and traveling tips will help to understand what’s there and what’s needed for the trip.

    1) Take a Research – In Dubai malls and markets, merchandisers are usually very busy showcasing and selling their products. We therefore recommend that you do a thorough research to find out the best shopper friendly malls which offer good discount prices and free gifts. Many international retail outlets offer their special shopping discount through their websites. This has also provoked many international airlines such as the Emirates, Etihad Airways to give attractive airfares and packages for Dubai which include tickets, airport transfers, hotel accommodation and sightseeing.

    2) Keep your baggage less lumping – This is because there are lots of things you have on return and if your belongings exceed the standard baggage allowance (30kg in Economy Class for Emirates Airlines) you need to buy additional baggage allowance package which costs 234 GBP for 10KG or less if you fly from Dubai to London.

    3) List watch of what to buy – Shopping is very enticing and if you are not careful enough you might be tempted to buying ‘everything’ which some you did not plan for. It’s therefore advisable to plan and prepare a list of the items that you would like to buy. Carry your list with you every time you are in the shopping paradise. This will help you not overspend on items which you haven’t given as priority.

    4) Seek Locals Advice – Dubai local people are very friendly and generous. They promote their country by being the first customers in Dubai Shopping Festival. The locals know ‘where to get what’ and the best shopping areas. Do not hesitate to ask a local person if in case it’s your first visit in Dubai and you are stranded. But if you see a bother to the locals, consult your local guides before purchasing and goods so as to get the best idea of the products and discount prices.

    5) Check out for shopping packages – There are so many malls in Dubai giving different prices and offers. Don’t rush buying all items you had listed in one mall because it might be that the next mall you dint enter had the same items with lower prices, attracting gifts and

    amazing offers. Explore the shopping packages of different malls and keep your ears/eyes open.

    6) Discounted Price –The moment you start shopping in Dubai Shopping Festival you will experience a heavy shopping discount, attractive gifts, product promotions and market launches and most importantly the unique DSF shopping offers such as winning raffles which include gold, diamond, luxurious vehicles just to mention!

    7) Discount comparison – Make sure you compare the discounts offered by various shops, markets, malls boutiques because some may be lower compared to other. Don’t tire walking the streets window shopping and comparing the prices of the items you want to purchase. One way of comparing discounts is checking in the websites to see what gifts and discounts the shopping grounds have to offer for the items you wish to buy. If you have any additional coupons or vouchers, this is where you use them to get even better prices.

    8) Buy less expensive things first – Once you have your eye on something very expensive, your brain loses perspective on what’s a good price. Buying the less expensive things first enables you to budget for the more pricy items. The discounts on all the small items can surely outdo a small discount on a big item.

    9) Participate in raffle draw – many who have participated in raffle draws offered in Dubai Shopping Festival have celebrated their

    winnings because these raffles are real and heart-satisfying. So don’t just shop what you had written in the watch list but try your luck also. Who knows whether you will win that Lexus 4X4 vehicle or any other vehicle? So remember to enter into raffle draws and win yourself cash vouchers, gold coins, cars, etc. Global Village in Dubai hosts one of the biggest raffles some going up to AED 500, 000.

    For any query about Dubai Shopping Festival, please contact us at or our UAE contact number: +9719 2225494.

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  • 13 Dec

    Why You Should Travel as a Couple

    I have been travelling solo for a long time and I can testify that it’s such an amazing thing. However, recently I have been talking to several couples I meet on the vacation grounds asking them how it feels travelling as a couple, and I must say that I now envy and miss one day to travel as a couple.

    Below are some of the reasons that make travelling as a couple more captivating.

    1. Get-To-Know Your Partner Well

    advantages of travel as couple

    Travelling as a couple gives you the open opportunity to interact well with your partner and to understand them better than when you are both working. Because you will spend time with him/her you will understand their hyper times, moody times, how they perceive things etc. it’s a time to roll out any hypocrisy spirit and be original with your lover.

    1. Discovery

    couple travelling tips

    Most couples that I have spoken with have given this as the number one reason why they travel together, discovery purposes! As a couple, you enjoy visiting new places, adapting to the cultural background of some communities, their language, festivals, music etc and sharing your experiences. While travelling you’ll realize that the world is bigger than you ever thought and beautiful than you ever dream of. A couple travelling together will enjoy discovering new things more than a solo traveler simply because “two are better than one!”

    1. Kicking-Off Old Age

    Couple travelling

    In the past previous years most couples who traveled were old couples who had ‘nothing else to do than travel’. I say this because they have raised children and probably retired from work. So they go out into the adventure world and enjoy life travelling to the maximum. One such couple Don 72 and Alison 63 have traveled to many countries and they say every trip they go makes them “feel younger and younger”.

    1. It’s Just You Two

    Couple Travel

    Oh yes, it’s just you two in the world of fun! No babies to keep dragging your itinerary, no worry of children at home because they are already grownups and probably living in their own shelters, no disturbing calls from your workplace…It’s just both of you enjoying life and rekindling or celebrating the love between both of you.

    1. Enhances Quality Of Time

    Beach Time

    “Travelling together enhances the quality of time you get to spend with your loved one. Because you’re with someone 24/7, there’s always the opportunity to have a laugh, have a chat, and play together. You’re really able to appreciate the small moments together. Waiting for a bus for 12 hours can end up feeling like five minutes”. From (Antony & Elsie – a long time travelling couple)

    Whatever way you look at it, travelling as a couple is a unique experience. It bonds you and brings you together; it’s something special you both share that will truly last a lifetime.

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  • 06 Dec
    DSF 2017

    5 Shopping Grounds During DSF 2017

    The city of Dubai is well set to host millions of travelers and shopaholics who have booked flights to Dubai to witness and participate in the launching of the Dubai Shopping Festival which will kick off on 26th December and will run till 28th January 2017.  

    If there is one time you anticipated to visit Dubai, let it be during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017. Much preparation has been made to ensure that this festival out-wins other previous festivals. And because it will be celebrating its 22nd birthday, expect much surprises of vey low discounts, live raffle drawings which will make you win cash prices and cars.

    Check out this places where you can shop till you drop!

    1) The Malls

    DSF malls

    The Dubai malls must be your number one landing place. These malls will sell anything you dream of. From clothes, handbags, watches, dry fruits, electronics etc. there are several malls so please don’t buy everything in one mall. It might be that the next mall you didn’t check has prices lower than the one you entered first. These malls include: Dubai mall which is the largest mall in the world, Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, Barjuman Centre just to mention a few.

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    2) Shops & Supermarkets

    Dubai Shopping

    Don’t have a mind of just shopping in the malls. Please ensure you enter the thousands shops and supermarkets along this city and you might be surprised they may offer some items cheaply compared to the huge malls.

    3) Global Village

    Global Village

    Find your way to the Global Village which is situated on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Dubailand, just east of Arabian Ranches, and where you will meet your fellow visitors enjoying their time. The Global Village is one place on planet earth that offers the best family entertainment grounds, shopping destination and cultural attraction in the region that offers a unique shopping experience with its 36 pavilions, each representing a different country.

    In addition, guests are entertained with exclusive live performance, delicious international cuisines, thrilling new rides, authentic crafts and merchandise from its worldwide pavilions. For instance, you can get home decoration products from Tunisia and Egyptian. There are also amazing honey varieties in the Yemen pavilion. There are many amazing products usually available in Global Village. 

    4) Carpet Oasis


    Decorate your house with stylish beautiful rugs and carpets which you will purchase at low prices during the DSF. Make the floors of your rooms warm with these amazing and attractive rugs that will be the talk in your village/town. These rugs are from merchandisers of different countries like India, Iran, Persia, Italy etc. You can visit shops like Al Madaen, Sheba Iranian Carpets, and the Rug Company to purchase these attractive rugs.

    5) Boutiques


    Have you ever purchased any item from a boutique in Dubai? Well, let me say you better do during the upcoming shopping fiesta DSF. There are hundreds of boutiques which have the exact fashion clothes of your taste with discounted prices. Most of these modern boutiques features handpicked collections from Asian and Middle Eastern fashions though not limited to other renowned world class fashions. Some of these boutiques which you can check out for the latest fashions include Collage, Signature Studio, Studio 8, Khaadi boutique plus many more

    If you shop around these five places, I guarantee you that you will never regret a visit to Dubai!

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  • 05 Dec
    How to get cheapest flight

    How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

    As the number of travelers increases so is the number of airlines increasing across the globe. We have come from the era that probably only one airline was most trusted and relied upon. Various airlines have come with a big bang offering cheap prices making air travelling easier, affordable and still on the lead compared to rail, water and road travelling.

    Cheap Flight Tickets

    Thanks to the digital world we are in today because you don’t need to go line up and undergo several long processes of acquiring a visa/passport or air ticket to your desired destination. You can do all these things in your house, right in front of your laptop or computer without wasting money and time.

    Acquaint yourself with the following steps which can help you find a cheaper flight(s) to your destination.

    Don’t Do a Rush Research

    Do not be in haste when researching which airlines gives best offers. Give yourself enough time and understand all the procedures, rules and regulation of that specific airline. If possible it is advisable that, you take about one month or two months researching and searching for the convenient airline that is wallet-friendly.

    Use the Flight Search Engine

    If you aren’t more careful you might find yourself in wrong cartels of flight search engines which may completely disappoint your travel enthusiasm. There are different flight search engines which fives different information and honestly speaking some are untrustworthy. Some search engines consistently inflate much higher than others.  And sometimes it pays to familiarize yourself with sites that offer the best prices. Some of the search engines you can use include: Skyscanner, Momondo, Google flights, Airfare watchdog, JetRadar etc. And remember no single search engine is consistently perfect.

    Identify the Best Flying Seasons

    Flights prices often change depending with the seasons. There’re times when airlines aren’t busy and you expect their prices to be low during such times. You can identify these off-peaks seasons where you can fly with very cheap prices compared to when almost everybody is flying. The peak seasons brings a good harvest to airlines because the flight prices will definitely increases. You don’t have to travel when everyone else’s travelling. And by doing this you will have saved some monies.

    Fly Two Different Airlines

    Sometimes it’s worth it to mix and match. Most airlines now sell one way-flights at reasonable prices, meaning one might be cheaper for the outbound flight while the other works better for the return. You could even fly to one airport and depart from another.

    Get-To-Know Your Airport Well

    You will realize that many airlines have some kind of a deal going for certain cities. For instance Emirates airline may be giving special discount to visitors flying from America to London via Dubai. Although you aren’t going to Dubai but wanted a direct flight to your destination, you might be able to get a partial discount if you take a layover in that city as part of your round trip.

    Consider All Carriers

    It’s unfortunate that some flight search engines tend to push the smaller carriers to the bottom but I would advise you shouldn’t overlook them. Why fly with a bigger carrier yet there is a smaller carrier flying to the same destination. Not unless you are not a wise saver!

    Be Flexible

    Yes, if you want to book cheaper flights you must be flexible. Flexible in a way that you can change a planned city trip to another destination with consideration that the latter destination you choose has a cheaper price fare than the former. Also try adding a couple days to your trip before or after peak seasons to lower the flight fare.

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  • 03 Dec
    New Year Eve 2017

    8 Best Destinations in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    The year 2016 is in its last episode and it will be gone and gone forever. Only its history will be remembered especially by those who made it their history year. If you had planned to do something new this year say for instance start a new business, get a family, get another better job or travel to amazing destinations in the world, you barely have one moth to do it.

    And in this one month allow us to choose for you some of the most amazing and popular destinations where you and your family, friends, relatives, or job colleagues can celebrate the last breathe of twenty sixteen.

    1. Paris – France

    New Year in Paris

    Expect a thrilling and spectacular light shows and fireworks displays especially at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The joyous mood of the New Year welcoming makes you feel like you’ve visited heaven for some few hours. Thousands of people flock the streets of Paris clubbing, dining and great music from well renowned artists. You don’t wanna miss this out.

    1. Sydney – Australia

    New Year in Sydney

    In Sydney New Year celebrations, many events surround this celebration. You can expect to see indigenous smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers complete with messages in the sky, mini-light shows, a truly huge and spectacular fireworks show and a lighted boat parade. An ultimate dance party is held at Bondi Beach and there are even special events to help the children celebrate at Taronga Zoo.

    1. Dubai – UAE

    New year in Dubai

    Dubai is a tourist targeted destination during the New Year celebrations. Whether you have been to this amazing desert city that has recently transformed in to a paradise haven, you wouldn’t wish to miss out the welcoming of another year in her land. At the clock of midnight, the sky transforms into a beautiful sight of well displayed fireworks of all colors that light up the sky. There’s a lot of unending jubilation, exclusive parties, unforgettable dining experiences, concerts and extravagant shopping across the city which you wouldn’t want to miss.

    1. London – England

    New year in London

    London will offer you an amazing vacation as you join revelers from across the glove who will kick out 2016 ushering in 2017 in style. Join thousands of people who crowd on the banks of Thames River and begin the countdown to Great Bell (nicknamed Big Ben) of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. All the streets are usually packed with hordes of people in their happiest moods. The beauty of clubs and bars, hotels and restaurants, beaches and resting parks will tell you how eagerly the New Year has been along waited. Fireworks displays, music and comedy entertainments, delicious cuisines in this beautiful city will evidently tell you that one year is in and another one is out.

    1. Victoria Harbor – Hong Kong

    New year in Victoria Harbor

    The last minutes of this year and another one starting off will be felt and welcomed in a special and unique way in Hong Kong. This New Year’s Eve, join the throngs of cheering revelers along Hong Kong’s waterfront and usher in 2017 with a bang! The radiant Victoria Harbor is the belle of the ball for Hong Kong’s spectacular New Year countdown. A party atmosphere will reign supreme as festive celebrations fill the day with joy and fun before you ring in the new year with a 10-minute pyre-musical display lighting up the skies against the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

    Whether you watch it along the shoreline, from a boat on the harbor or on-high in a skyscraper, it’s definitely worth planning early to ensure a prime spot!

    1. New York – USA

    New year in New York

    Visit America and specifically to the New York City and join millions of revelers who will be ushering 2017 in style. Expect anything jovial, satisfying, thrilling and exciting in the streets of New York City. Clubbing, champagne drinking, musical events, great comedy concerts, and partying are just a few things to highlight. When you look up the sky, fireworks displays gives light to the city as hordes of people laugh, celebrate and entertain their hearts and souls to the fullest. And for this year New Year celebrations in New York don’t miss out the Time Square ball drop!

    1. Bangkok – Thailand

    new year in bangkok

    Most cities in Thailand have a special countdown of ushering a new year. The eve to the New Year is one amazing night that you wouldn’t want to miss. In Bangkok for instance, you can opt to usher the New Year in the rooftops of the ever increasing skyscrapers restaurants which will give you a spectacular view of the city’s fireworks displays. In Asiatique, the night market has become one of the top spots for the countdown. For those who like to dance the night away, the clubs in Khao San Road, RCA and on Sukhumvit 11 bring in international DJs who spin records till the early hours of the morning.

    1. Edinburgh – Scotland

    New year in Edinburgh

    In the eve of the New Year, the Scottish people start a festival known as Hogmanay which goes for three day even after the ushering of the New Year. In the streets of Edinburg you will find thousands of revelers carrying torches that gather at the Parliament square and match to Calton Hill. On 31st the sky is set ablaze with choreographed fireworks displays and people can be heard singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (the biggest and loudest rendition in the world). In these three days you will party and be entertained by live music and theater all over the town. You better be in Scotland this year and be a witness to this truth.

    There are so many other places where you can opt to visit but I believe these eight places should be your number consideration. Contact us at and we will arrange a December and New Year vacation for you.

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