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02 Aug
Mother Armenia

The 6 Best Hotels in Yerevan, Armenia

Where will I recline after a days’ out tour? Will I be comfortable and feel safe? Will I feel the freedom of my vacation when lodging in that hotel? These are some of the question every traveler asks themselves the moment they plan having a vacation. And it’s really good to question yourself, right?

A vacation is not all about visiting wondrous tourists’ sights; lying down in a beautiful beach, or surfing in the blue waters. But it also entails where to rest and be entertained for the night after enjoyment of a delicious cuisine.

Armenia as a prime holiday destination are currently the talk of every traveler. The Armenian hotels’ architecture work is actually an eye-catching to any pass-by. These modern hotels have everything and lack nothing. They are unique and well designed to attract any visitor.

Below are some of the top leading 3 & 4 star hotels you must enter before you leave Armenia.

1) Bass Boutique Hotel

Bass Boutique Hotel

The staffs in this 4 star hotel are friendly people. Their speaking and understanding of English language makes communication easier. The rooms are comfy and the windows provide a nice lightening. Breakfast is absolutely Unarguably amazing. Refreshing yourself in Bass bath and hot showers is the last thing you would fail to miss.

2) Armenia Marriott Hotel

Armenia Marriott Hotel

This hotel is approximately three kilometers from the famous Yerevan mall. It’s a modern 4* hotel with many services you would expect. There is Wi-Fi which unfortunately you need to pay when having it in your room, flat screens in the comfy rooms, exceptional dining rooms just to mention. The location of this hotel gives a good opportunity for shopping and sightseeing. Bars lounge, big restaurant and fitness centre are some of the amenities it offers. The staffs are friendly when serving you. With all these, don’t mind digging deep in your wallet.

3) Silachi Hotel

Silachi Hotel

You’re welcomed by very friendly staff personnel’s when you enter this beautiful 3*hotel. Being approximately 10 mins from the republic square, Silachi hotel has the best location in Yerevan city. The air atmosphere is clean and the floors are even cleaner. You don’t need to dig deep in your pocket in this hotel because it’s quite cheap. Make sure you taste the real Armenia wine Silachi hotel offers. And don’t forget the mouth-watering breakfast!

4) Deluxe Hotel Yerevan

Deluxe Hotel Yerevan

This is an awesome 3* hotel in the capital of Armenia. Although it isn’t right in the middle of the city, taxis are readily available at a cheap cost. Cuisines served here are actually the real taste food of Armenia. The hotel rooms are very clean and spacious. The air conditioning is awesome giving you a healthy air. Did I mention the cleanliness of the bathrooms? And some-thing else, breakfast drinks like tea or coffee is something you don’t wonna miss.

5) National Hotel

National Hotel

The National Hotel in Armenia ranks as a 4* hotel and it’s situated approximately 6 mins walk from the Republic Square landmark. There is a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a Turkish bath and spa. All rooms are spacious and you will get free Wi-Fi. Studios and suites within this hotel are decorated in attractive neutral tones.  

6) Best Western Congress Hotel

Best Western Congress Hotel

This is a 4 star modern hotel that should call your attention when in Armenia. The hotel is next to the English Park and approximately 7 min walk from the Republic Square. The staffs have won a reputation of being friendly and welcoming having a good command of English. Breakfast has many options and it’s really nice.

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