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14 Jun

The Climate of Armenia – Weather and Seasons Information

Among the Caucasus region countries, Armenia is the only country described as a sunny country. The climate is highland continental, dry with four seasons.  The favorable weather and climate makes this nation which is placed in the southern Asia to be a lovable destination by many visitors.

Summer season in Armenia is experienced from June to August lasting to about four months. During this time the weather is usually dry and sunny. The summer is generally pleasant reaching 25°C, though in the Ararat valley temperatures can climb to 40°C. In the mountains the average summer temperature ranges between 10 and 22°C

Armenia experiences the Winter season during the months of December to February. This winter period is short but can be quite cold with plenty of snow leading to temperatures falling to -5°C in Yerevan, and colder in the Ararat Valley -30°C and the Lake Arpi area -46°C. In the mountains, the winter temperatures range between +2 and -14 °C. In plain lands the average January temperature is -5 °C, and July temperature is 25 °C.

The Spring season in Armenia kicks off in March where daytime temperatures can reach around 13°C with the highest temperature ever recorded being 30°C and the lowest – 13°C. The average daily relative humidity for this month is some 59 percent.

The weather gets warmer and more pleasant in April with average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius during the day dropping down to around 7 degrees Celsius at night. May is characterized by warm, pleasant weather with around 25°C daytime and 11 degrees Celsius at night. On average, May is not affected by foggy conditions.

Autumn season crawls in the month of September to November and by this time the temperature goes on decreasing from 29°C in September, 21 degrees Celsius in October, and 13°C in November.

Due to the relative temperatures experienced in Armenia, you can choose to visit the stunning city of Yerevan in any weather season. Having said that though, summer & autumn are the best desirable periods to visit Yerevan because in summer, it doesn’t rain much and the sun seems to sparkle throughout the day stronger. It’s the time when you can take full advantage of every single thing Yerevan has to offer, from roaming to shopping and sightseeing.

During Autumn, especially in the months of October & November, you will enjoy seeing the Yerevan falls (leaves start falling off the trees) which are very beautiful with trees dressed in yellow and red leaves. Armenian fall is noted for mild and sunny weather, bright colors of landscapes and abundance of autumn fruits.

In visiting Armenia,  It’s just a matter of preference between the cold and the warm and also a matter of what you expect, because from the point of seasons and weather there is nothing absurd or exaggerated as this is the case when the weather fully corresponds to the season.


  • In Armenia Springs are short
  • Winter season is the best time for skiers & preferably for outdoor activities

So next time you plan visiting Armenia, think and refer to this article.

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