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11 Jul

The Top 7 Tourist Spots in Azerbaijan

It’s already summer in the republic of Azerbaijan, a country found along the Caspian Sea and enjoys the vicinity of nations near the Caucasus Mountains. This country is a pride to her citizens due to the awesome and spectacular vistas that she boasts of.

Many tourists are heading to Azerbaijan to take advantage of the summer season which brings a lot of attention to the tourism industry in this country. I guess you don’t want to be left out in this period where we are heading to meet the Azeri people and explore what Mother Nature has blessed them with.

Below are some of the unique beautiful vistas that you shouldn’t leave Azerbaijan without exploring or at least having a glance look!

Baku City

Baku City

Explore this beautiful capital city that lies across the Caspian Sea and find out her history about it moving from a onetime walled city to a modern skyscraper city which has blossomed speedily along the Caucasus region countries.  Don’t be surprised to find out that most of the Azerbaijan skyscrapers are built and studded with LCD screens. What an amazing beauty!

Alley of Martyrs


Visit the martyrs lane and you will find a memorial that was built and dedicated to the Turkish soldiers who died during the First World War in 1918. These forces fought alongside with Azerbaijan forces against the Bolsheviks- Armenian Dashnaks and Baku Soviets. The Alley is one of the great parts of visit for many foreign public officials & tourists.

Baku Flame Towers


The famous Flame Tower complex composed of three buildings. It is interesting that lighting of Flame Towers is considered to be the best in the world according to the survey of The surface of the Towers is fully covered with LED screens which reflect different visual characters in motion, easily visible from the far corners of the city.

Icheri Sheher

Icheri Sahar

Also commonly referred to the old city and as it is believed old is gold. This old city is a travelers stop city; a place of pure architectural feats exploration. It is an ancient and densely populated place of the country and even of the Middle East. Archaeological excavations revealed burial vaults of the Bronze Age.

Where else can you find well-known historical monuments such as The Maiden Tower (the 12th century) and the Shirvanshah Palace (the 13th-16th century) if not only in this Old City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Please don’t hesitate to buy national clothes, kerchiefs, scarves and caps, dishes and handmade carpets found in the souvenir shops nearby.

Museum of Carpets and Applied Art


Another beauty of vistas lies in this museum which will leave you greatly overwhelmed by the art and design of theses carpets. The Museum possesses one of the best collections of local and Persian carpets which will be presented to your attention. It has a brilliant display of woven and knotted Azerbaijani carpets, plus jewelry, embroidery, metalwork and carved wood. The oldest carpet is dated from XVII century. Here you can get acquainted with the types of carpets and weave your first little carpet as well.

The Gala Village


In this village ensure you enter the gala museum which is Azerbaijan’s historical ethnographic reserve. The museum has a rich history of the daily life of Azeri’s people in the period of XVI to XIX centuries such as what they ate, drank etc. You will also find about 243 monuments of architecture and archaeology from the prehistoric man of the Bronze Age (3000 BC.) to the surviving mosques, baths, and premises belonging to the late Middle Ages.

Ateshgah – Fire Temple, Baku

Ateshgah Fire Temple

Ateshgah is a castle-like religious temple in Surakhani, and it’s known for its oil fires, around which places of worship were built to lodge those who traveled to this striking spot. This World Heritage Site was also declared a historical-architectural reserve by decree by the Azeri President in 2007. Today this complex stands as a museum telling the story of ancient fire worship and it usually hosts thousands people annually.

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