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20 Feb

Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations – Combined OIC & Non-OIC Countries

Unlike many Christians naturally, most Muslims don’t feed on anything they find in hotels and restaurants. They have a well,guided, and non-compromised traditional-culture of eating foods that are Halal accepted and certified. You will not find them in any restaurant just because they hungry and need to fill their stomach! Due to such scenario, many Muslim travelers have opted to choose Halal friendly destination which, of course, have beautiful attraction tourists’ sites; but most importantly have a large percentage of adherence to Halal laws e.g. restaurants that serve halal cuisines.

Due to the large number of Muslims in the world, the rise of countries serving Halallaws are increasing day by day and it’s somehow becoming a little bit difficult for researchers to source which one tops most. But by virtue of various researches done this year, we have outlined below some of the top leading halal friendly destinations in both Organizations of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and non OIC countries that will make you feel at home in the country of your travel as a Muslim traveler:

  1. Malaysia

Halal Food in Malaysia

It goes without argument that Malaysia tops as a favorable Halal friendly hub with hundreds of restaurants serving the halal accepted cuisines. This South-east Asian country which is about 60% Muslim population also prides in being a multicultural and multi-ethnic country. Its halal hospitality in addition to the beautiful attraction tourists’ sites it offers, provokes many Muslim travelers to make it their first destination for an adventure.

  1. Turkey

Halal Food in Turkey

Turkey is known to be the home of global industry in hospitably. So if you are looking for a place where the practice of hospitality is esteemed, see you in Turkey!Amazingly, it happens to be a Muslim state with 98% Muslim population and with the kind of food hospitably it showcases, everyone praises this country especially when it comes to halal delectable cuisines?

  1. UAE

Halal Food in UAE

Its name speaks better than when praised! The United Arabs Emirates is a major hub of millions of tourist and stronghold pillar of being among the top halal friendly destinations. Its fast-emerging concept in the halal travel industry, offers a great range of halal family holiday packages adhering to Islamic practices and beliefs.

  1. Indonesia

Halal Food in Indonesia

The essence of Halal industry in Indonesia is non-comparable at all. The government of Indonesia even cultivates the non-Muslims to understand that Halal is not just an Islamic value, but it is also a most potential economic value in today’s world. With an approximate 87% Muslim population, the Halal laws are strictly adhered to influencing thousands of Muslim travelers to tour country. Besides this, it has beautiful scenes from the largest archipelago in the world to diverse landscapes making it a popular Muslim tourists destinations.

  1. Morocco

Halal Food in Morocco

Morocco is a northern-African Muslim nation which obediently adheres to laws and regulations of the halal industry. Morocco ranks amongst the most popular halal-friendly destinations in the world. As the population is mostly Muslim, visitors will surely have an unforgettable experience of savoring delicious halal food and enjoying relaxing stays at halal holiday resorts and top halal hotels in Morocco.

  1. Singapore

Halal Food in Singapore

Singapore is listed top in Halal-friendly destinations among the non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).For the Muslim traveler, Singapore is a treasure-trove of food, shopping, and entertainment; even the most particular traveler will enjoy themselves in this environment which has something fun for everyone. Thrill seekers, nature lovers and foodies need toexplore Singapore and make memories that will last a lifetime.It’s a place of endless shopping, delicious dining, and attractions which are fun for the entire family!

  1. Bosnia

Halal Food in Bosnia

With a 50% Muslim population in a country of about five million people who reside in Bosnia, it is considered one of the most exotic vacation destinations in southeast Europe. There are definitely many facilities for Halal-conscious travelers who visit the country. Besides this, the historic crossroad where east meets west, Bosnia & Herzegovina offers beautiful architecture in the streets of Sarajevo, picturesque sites in Mostar, breathtaking Masjidin Bihac are among many other attractive sites in Bosnia.

  1. South Africa

Halal Food in South Africa

South African is commonly known for having the world’s second highest waterfall, the third largest canyon and some of the most stunning views in the world. In addition to this, it also prides in safari, mountains, subtropical forests, bustling city life and miles of unspoiled beaches. Today, South Africa is boasting in its wide variety of Halal friendly facilities including Halal restaurants and masjids making it ranked top in the non-OIC halal friendly destinations.

  1. United Kingdom

Halal Food in UK

The United Kingdom’s capital city has always been a hot spot for Gulf travelers during the hot summer months giving it a substantial reason to be raked a Halal-friendliness destination. Hotels have introduced a wealth of services for their Muslim guests in recent years including Arabic speaking staff, Halal menus, prayer rooms and female butlers. Islam is one of London’s largest and most significant minority religions with more than 40% of England’s Muslims opting to live there, meaning access to mosques and Halal-restaurants is never too far away.

  1. India (Delhi)

Halal Food in Delhi India

A cultural experience if ever there was one, keep Delhi in mind when planning a getaway in 2016! This amazing destination has so much to offer: art, history, shopping, dining – Delhi has reinvented itself as a modern city with historic touches and this has made it one of the best Halal friendly travel destinations for this year. Delhi is famous for its street food and since Muslims comprise the second largest community in Delhi, you will be sure to run into some fabulous Halal food stalls and restaurants.

NB:The above named destinations are top 5 Halal-friendly destinations in OIC countries and top 5 Halal friendly destinations in non-OIC countries respectively!

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