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14 Sep
South Africa

Top 10 Reasons to Visit South Africa

South Africa is one of the leading tourist destinations in the African continent. Any adventurous traveler has to land and explore the thrilling and spectacular beauty of this nation – before they die.  It is a country in the far end southern side of the African Continent. Many visitors have called South Africa a “paradise city” due to its attractive vistas and views it offers. 

There is hundreds of reason why you should purpose to visit this African nation. It would be hard for you to select the top leading reason why South Africa should be your next vacation country. But I have eased that work for you and have compiled the top 10 reasons!

1) Iconic People

statue of mandela in south africa

South Africa prides in having some of the famous iconic people who are known and respect across the globe. Such people include the late Nelson Mandera who was imprisoned for 27 years in Robin Island and later on became the first president of South Africa after independence. Other known and respected people include Desmond Tutu Oliver Tambo, Klerk, and Jacob Zuma among many others.

2) Wildlife

South African wild life

South Africa will win your heart due to awesome wildlife scenery it has. All the Big Five animals will be found in this beautiful nation. Such animals include Lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and rhinoceros. South African has some of the leading national parks in Africa for instance the famous Kruger National Park.

3) Diverse Culture

Culture, South Africa

Meet the South Africans; a people of diverse culture. Each of these people has a set of traditions that they uphold up to date. They’re both a loving and welcoming people in their land. Their upkeep of traditions and cultural life attracts thousands of visitors each year.

4) Land of Gold

south african gold mine

The most precious stone in the world is found in this amazing nation. A visit to South Africa will make you come close to gold or at least touch and buy golden items at affordable prices. Gold mining has made South Africa to be the second most advance and richest economy in Africa.

5) Natural Beauty

South African natural beauty

The spectacular and scenic mountains, forests, beaches, landscapes found in South Africa absolutely offer amazing scenes. The clear atmosphere, the beautiful skyscrapers in South Africa’s cities adds merit why you have to land in this tourist nation.

6) Good Weather


South African’s weather is one the best weathers in the world. Throughout the year you will not miss attracting sports which attracts thousands of visitors. Exploring South Africa is not limited by harsh weather conditions – because that weather probably doesn’t exist!

7) Superb Marine Life

Hermanus whale watching

Visit South Africa’s Cape south coast from June to November and you come face to face with whales. You don’t even have to go out on a boat to see them because Hermanus, overlooking Walker Bay, is considered to be the best land-based whale-watching spot in the world. Southern rights often come in close to the shoreline, sometimes appearing only meters from the shore. Hermanus’s cliffs offer an incomparable viewing point. Other famous whale-watching destinations include: Mossel Bay, Gansbaai, False Bay near Cape Town, Elands bay among others.

8) The Struggle Sites

Apartheid Museum

Visit South Africa today and you will remember that once it was an apartheid country. There are so many struggle sites found in this country indicating the victory and independence they got after a long struggle. One famous struggle site is the Apartheid Museum found in Johannesburg.

9) Land of Sweet Wine

Wine in South Africa

Rich, tasty and pure African wine will be found in South Africa at the Western Cape region. This region has hundreds of fertile wine lands and production of these wines is of good-recommended quality across the world. This is probably due to the good climate, cooling winds from both Atlantic and Indian Ocean which are favorable for grape growing and the high expertise skill in wine production.

10) Safety Republic

Guards in South Africa

From the day South Africa gained her independence in 1994, the country has been a safe place to travel. You don’t need to have any fear because the government is very keen to safeguard its people and all its visitors. This is one kind of many reasons reason why South Africa was selected to hold the World Cup Football Tournament in 2010.

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