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18 Aug

Top 4 Bizarre Attractions in Azerbaijan

I have been wondering why lots of people are visiting Azerbaijan lately; making me experience sleepless nights doing an enthusiastic research, and after an aggressive study I finally have the reasons. Surprisingly, my buddy landed from a fortnight holiday in this Asian country and as inquisitive writer I have bombard him with even rhetorical questions.

Many travelers including you think that Baku city, flame towers, Icheri Sheher, the maiden tower, Yanar dag etc are the only attractive places to visit in Azerbaijan. Though some truth may be found in it, a proper exploration of this country will amaze you after finding bizarre attractions that you didn’t know existed

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Below are some of the unusual attractions that will make you book the next flight to Azerbaijan.

  1. Neft Daslari

Neft Daslari

Can you believe walking in a city built 55km from the sea shore? This is not a dream but a reality. Neft Daslari also known as Oil Rocks which is found 100km away from Baku city, has currently over 2000 people living in it. This functioning town built on oil platforms has 300 km of trestle bridges that connect one street to another. It is one of the most incredible settlements in the world!

  1. Mud volcanoes


Dashgil Mud volcano

You may be familiar with lava eruptions but I doubt your knowledge in mud volcano. Visit the region of Absheron in Baku district and find out this bizarre view of mud volcano.

Gobustan mud volcanoes

Many geologists as well as locals and international mud tourists trek to such places as the Firuz Crater Gobustan and end up happily covered in mud which is thought to have medicinal qualities. In 2001 one mud volcano 15 kilometers from Baku made world headlines when it suddenly started spewing flames 15 meters high.

Kyaniz –Dagh mud volcano

Still found in Absheron, Baku district, this mud volcano is the tallest mud volcano in Azerbaijan with an approximated height of 500 m

Lokbatan mud volcano

It is the largest and most active mud volcanoes in the world. In 2003, it got the attention of the world when tall flames rose above the volcano.

NB:  Azerbaijan is one the countries with one of the highest abundance of mud domes globally with Dashgil mud volcano chosen as a case study because of its historic record of violent eruptions, continued activity, and well-documented regional geology in the Caucasus orogenic wedge adjacent to the Caspian Sea.

  1. Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs

Binagadi Asphalt Lake

These are a cluster of tar pits where has formed over thousands of years. Over many centuries animals were trapped in the tar were preserved as bones. In this lake diversity of species found in this lake is very high – 41 species of mammals, 2 reptiles, 110 birds, 107 insects, 22 plants etc.

Jermajur hot spring

These are groups of hot water spring that are known to have a healing power. The spring’s temperature is 60 degree Celsius and it is reported one can submerge even in frozen days with any risk for the health. Another hot spring known in Azerbaijan is Arkevan hot springs that are used by local people as a balneological resource.

  1. Yanar Dag


These are eternally burning gases blazing continuously with flames jetting in to the air 3 meters. The view of these gas fires is beautiful especially at the night watch. It is one the many mysterious fire attraction that is arguably impressive and no matter Azerbaijan is sometimes called the “Land of Fire.” Ask the locals how the fire started and they will give you a history that states it was a shepherd who accidentally ignited the fire by tossing a cigarette, and that it has burnt ever since.

Azerbaijan will never cease to be a tourist attracting nation having in mind that these are some of the many bizarre attractions found in this republic.

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