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08 Sep

Top 5 Cities to Visit in Azerbaijan

Some travelers believe that the beauty of a traveling nation lies only in the capital cities. However true it may be, there are unexplored towns and cities – apart from the capital city – which shouldn’t be left out in your vacation. And Azerbaijan towns exactly match this statement!

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 The cities found in this European-Asian country have spectacular views and attracts thousands of tourists. These cities are rich in stunning forests, architecture, caves and so on.

Take a look at these top destination cities in Azerbaijan

1) Baku


Being the capital city of Azerbaijan Baku is the perfect place to travel. The beauty within it goes beyond descriptions. Hotels, museums, home to many tourists’ sights, cuisines, modern skyscrapers, cheap transportation etc makes this city which lays near the Caspian Sea the best traveling city.

2) Qabala

Qabala, Azerbaijan

This city is approximately 225 km from Baku city. Qabala also called Gabala is an old city in Azerbaijan with rich and ancient history. Having been a capital city of Albania for 600 years in the past, the city has a number of historical and cultural monuments of different eras. The town has beautiful camping sites, breathtaking nature, amazing recreation sites and well developed infrastructure attracting thousands of traveler’s annually. Other attractions in this city include the Russian forest, famous Chestnut forest, river valleys and picturesque villages and many more.

3) Shaki

Shaki, Azerbaijan

The tidy Shaki city should be your next magnificent and authentic place to visit after touring Baku the capital. It is an attractive ancient city with amazing tourist sites such as the Lower and Upper Caravansaries both of 18th century, Old Fortress, the Gelersen-Gorersen fortress of 15th century which no one could seize.

Travelers also enjoy the local Shaki’s dish called Piti which is a delicious meal. The cuisine is cooked in earthenware for approximately eight-nine hours. So you can buy time walking in the beautiful streets of this town before you come to enjoy the meal.  

4) Ganja

Ganja, Azerbaijan

Ganja happens to be second largest city in Azerbaijan and it dates back to 494 BC. It’s a city of unique attractions such as forests, mountains mineral springs, and Goygol reserve etc. But what makes it globally known is due to the unique medicinal oil-naphthalan- which is a natural substance used as the most effect drug for the treatment of dermatological, rheumatic and neurological diseases.

Another striking place that you cannot escape to visit is the mausoleum of the great poet Nizami Ganjavi. The mausoleum stands with a height of 20metres. Behind it lays a museum, theatre of poetry, art gallery named after him. Local museums have about 30,000 artifacts where tourists can learn more about the city of Ganja.

How to reach here:

By air: flights Baku – Gandja, Moscow – Gandja, Istanbul – Gandja or Auto transportation: buses Baku – Gandja, Tbilisi – Gandja or

By train: Baku – Gandja

5) Mərdəkan

Mardakan, Baku

Enjoy spectacular views of Mardakan town which is a settlement Khazar raion of Baku. This municipal town is an attractions site for many visitors due to it castles with watchtowers. The castles have two keeps (fortified tower built within castles) and these towers are a general chain of other towers and fortresses over Absheron peninsula. Other points of interest include the Tuba 15th century Shakha Mosque, the house and museum of Sergei Yesenin, the summer house and grave of the oil magnate Zeynalabdin Taghiyev.

Other Azerbaijan cities like Nakhchivan, Mingacheur, and Shamakhai are also worthy places to visit. So don’t just tour Baku city but taste the atmosphere of these cities too.

NB: Auto transportation – many Buses in Baku will ferry you to these town at cheap prices.

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