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20 Jun
Georgian Festivals

Top 5 Georgian Festivals Never to Be Missed!

The rep of Georgia which is intercepted between Asia and Europe; and which prides to be one of the leading and welcoming tourist Caucasus country continues to amaze the world due the unique tourist views and vistas it offers. From historic monuments and churches, wine growing centers, amazing black sea beaches, attracting outdoor activities such as skiing, white rafting, paragliding and exciting hiking, you will be amazed that there is when more than these.

Georgia celebrates various festivals which are placed in her calendar annually. These festivals are so dazzling that you cannot dare to miss. From music to the arts, wine to cuisines, the people of Georgia celebrate such pleasures of life by organizing the most dazzling of festivals. Let’s take a look at some of Georgia’s not to be missed festivals that are held every year.

1) The Black Sea Jazz Festival

This festival which is held in the month of July for about 3-4dys is one of the most famous festivals in the rep of Georgia. The festival is mainly held at Tarabua Beach Club in Batumi. Ensure that you attend this festival because you will be treated to an international line-up of superb, stellar musicians.

2) GIFT Festival

This is an art festival held in honor of a famous Georgian director called Mikhail Tumanishvili. It is held every year in Tbilisi in Georgia in the month of October and is visited by a lot of art enthusiasts. Here, one will be able to take in valuable art in many forms since the renowned director himself used to unite all art forms in his own creations. His productions translate varied art forms into theatre language, well convincing the viewer that the most vital things in life are faith and love.

3) Caucasus Rock Festival

The aim of the music Caucasus Rock Festivals which is held two days in June is to present musicians inside and outside of the Caucasus and help them in their future popularization, experimentation, and research. Also to present them to the world top music televisions to introduce the musical culture of the Caucasian countries that is based on the traditional folk. On one hand, our festival works for Peaceful Caucasus, where Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijan, Russian and foreign musicians play together. It’s only in this festival where both established and upcoming musicians, are offered a platform to expose their talent.

4) Festival of Antique Carpets

This interesting local festival takes place in the Zemo Alvani Valley of the Tusheti region in Georgia. The festival itself takes place in and around the streets of the area and one can expect to see the narrow, winding streets adorned with handmade carpets, scarves and hats. As part of the festival, traditional Tushetian dances and songs are performed by people who are dressed in traditional wear. One you get down with viewing the exhibition of carpets, you should watch the many horse racing events, after which there is an archery contest for the young and old. The day is complete with the intake of traditional Georgian food and wine. You can’t afford to miss this festival!

5) Farewell to Rafting Season

As I earlier mentioned in my blog post click to read: Top 5 white water rafting destinations in rep of Georgia the rafting season in this country ends colorfully in October. A the climax day there is one day festival that takes place near the Rioni river region in west Georgia which apparently marks the end of the rafting season. The day begins with rafting and continues throughout the day filled with traditional Georgian food and wine.

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