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26 Nov

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Taiwan

Taiwan is located approximately 180km on the east of China. It is a small island nation that carries a heavy history and amazing attractions. Its capital city is Taipei, a cosmopolitan city hosting the Taiwanese, Chinese and the Japanese. Taiwan culture is a mix of attracting tribes which are proud of their traditions. The showcasing of their traditions plus other sensational scenes and destinations provokes and allures tourist to visit this island nation.

Below we outline some of the best attractions in Taiwan nation.

1) Taipei 101

Taipei 101Any traveler who hears Taipei 101 remembers that not very much time ago this building was the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2009. The skyscraper gives an amazing panoramic view of Taipei city from its deck on floors 89 to 91. Below this financial building you will find the Taipei 101 shopping mall that sells all you would want to buy. On the 88th floor visitors can view the huge typhoon and earthquake motion-damper sphere.

2) National Palace Museum


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Visit the National Palace Museum in Shilin district in Taipei the capital of Taiwan and you will be visiting one of the largest Chinese imperial and artworks collection in the world. This museum hosts nearly 700, 000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial and artworks spanning China nearly 5,000 year history. The museum provides Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French and Spanish language guides and museum related literature.

3) Night Markets

Night Markets

For decades now Taiwan has put a record of being one the top countries that celebrates night markets activities and it’s not stopping either. Most of its streets are crowded by vendors who sell anything you would expect. Many tourists enjoy purchasing some of these goods even as they dine in hotels and restaurants serving the best Taiwan delicious foods. Some of the night markets you can visit include: Shilin Night Market, Ningxia Night Market, and Huaxi Night Market just to name a few. And each of these markets has something unique for you.

4) Hot Springs

Wulai Hot Spring

If you think Japan is the only country that has amazing hot springs in the world, try Taiwan hot springs. These hot springs are beautifully kept and attract millions of visitors including Japanese who are a neighboring country. Most of these springs have accessible location combined with hot springs resorts and leisure activities. Such hot springs include: Beitou Hot Spring, Wulai Hot Spring, and Jiaoxi Hot Spring etc. Ensure you soak in one these fabulous hot springs which have medicinal value to your skin.

5) Taroko Gorge’s Landscape

Taroko Gorge’s Landscape

Enjoy a scenic view of the Taroko Gorge either bicycling through tunnel of Nine Turn, canoeing on the Pacific Ocean looking up the famous Quinshui Cliff. The beauty of this Gorge is awesome and breathtaking. You feel the real nature in its tranquility scene.  Located in Hualien, Taroko Gorge is easily accessible and it’s the best place for outdoor activities such as hiking. The Gorge is an attracting destination sight to thousands of travelers who love the beautiful panoramic scenes of the Mother Nature.

Find out more about the thrilling beauty of Taiwan in our upcoming blogs.

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