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16 Aug
Things to do in Armenia

Top 6 Exciting Things to Do in Armenia

In the stunning Caucasus region lays Armenia, a beautiful country booming with lots of tourist attraction. Armenia is surrounded by close countries, like Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. For many past years this nation was one of the least visited and explored probably due to the Nagorno- Karabakh war that lasted for six years between 1988-1994.

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However, today Armenia is counted among the top visited countries in the Caucasus expanse due to its virgin explores that attracts all types of travelers including, hikers, nature lovers, skiers just to name a few.

Check out what to see and explore in this outstanding nation!

1) Bird Watching

Armenian Gull

Armenian’s geographical situation and favorable climatic conditions among other factors lead this country to be a habitat of hundreds of bird’s species, landscapes and alpine meadows. Over 349 bird’s species are found in Armenia with over 240 species naturally breeding here. Hundreds of European birds’ species are represented in Armenia by particular subspecies, while almost all the Caucasus specialties are habitually encountered during a spring-summer bird watching.

Carry your binoculars to watch some of the sought-after birds like Caucasian Grouse, Armenian Gull, Pale Rock-sparrow, and Caspian Snowcock. Other species to watch are Black Winged-Pranticole, Terek and Marsh Sandpipers, Demoiselle Crane just to mention a few.

2) Hiking

Hiking in Armenia

As long as you are a passionate hiker, visit Armenia because it has your actual hiking taste. Don’t just tour Yerevan but also visit the countryside where authentic unexplored hiking mountains are found. If you good and physically fit, hike to the famous Mount Aragats – the country highest point at 13,418 feet. At this peak you can even see Mt Elbrus, European highest mountain at18, 513 feet. What a great hiking adventure!

3) Caving


You can’t be wrong when calling Armenia a cave land. Armenian Highlands is distinguished with countless caves dwellings dating far back into history of human settlements. Ensure you explore caves like Areni- 1 Cave, Azat Cave, Azokh Cave and many more caves found in this ancient hospitable nation.

4) Camping


Everybody likes camping especially during a vacation trip. Ensure you visit the outskirts of Yerevan city and go camping near the stunning ancient monasteries found in the country. You cannot also visit the western side of the nation and explore more of these monasteries and mountains where camping makes you fall in love with Armenia crazily.

5) State of Museum


This state owned museum was founded in 1920 and has a national collection of 400,000 objects. The museum has a division of three departments namely Archeological, Ethnography and Numismatics. Located on the Republic Square the museum carries out conservation and restoration work and publishes works on Armenia architecture. This museum attracts over 100, 000 visitors annually.

6) Locals’ Hospitability

Armenian locals

Please ensure you respond to the many greetings and interaction moments with the Armenian locals. The kind of hospitability and welcoming you will get from these happy people is beyond your thought. Eat, drink, play and if possible also pray with them and it’s possible you won’t be able to carry your vacation basket due to the many goodies you’ll receive from these locals. 

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