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27 Sep
Slovak National Museum

Top 6 Things to Do & See in Bratislava, Slovakia – Europe

Forty Travels and Tours Company has taken its travel operations to another level after landing to Bratislava city, the capital city of Slovakia Republic. Slovakia is an amazing landlocked country in Central Europe. This republic nation is surrounded by Austria and Czech Republic to the west, Ukraine to the east, Poland to the north and Hungary to its South.

The city of Bratislava is a cosmopolitan city having different people of different culture such as Austrians, Croats, Czechs, Germans, Serbs, Jews, Slovaks and Hungarians. In addition to this city happens to be the sixth richest region of the European Union and its GDP per capital is three times higher than other Slovak regions.

Here are six important things do & see in Bratislava which is famously known due to its peculiar attractions:

1) Walk Along Danube River

Danube River

Walk along the Danube River which is one of the longest rivers found in Europe. It’s Europe’s second longest river and in Bratislava city, this river gives you spectacular views. You can start the walk by first crossing Most SNP- a road bridge over Danube River. Along the river in both walking paths are restaurants, bars, shopping centers and even the Slovak National Theatre.

The way the bridges and parks are set up results in a beautiful walk along the Danube River. One side provides a view of downtown while the other offers a stunning view of the Bratislava Castle. Regardless of which side you take there are stairs at the end and another location that offers a great vantage point.

2) The Old Town

Bratislava, Slovakia

A visit to Bratislava is not complete without visiting the old town. The old town is the centre of this capital and is one the most visited destination in this country. There are medieval buildings and beautiful attraction found in the old town. You have a variety of places to visit including St Michael’s Tower, Main square, Old Town mall Building. Restaurants found in here will offer you amazing Slovak cuisines.

3) Museums & Galleries


Slovakia has over a hundred museums and approximately twenty six galleries. The museums are packed with permanent stunning art exhibitions. You will learn more about the Slovakia republic wars it has survived, deep history about its political, cultural, social and religious life. A few of these museums include: Slovak National Museum, Bratislava City Museum, and Museum of Arms etc.

Galleries found in Slovakia and Bratislava has continuous expositions with artworks of famous painters of the past. However just like in many countries many of these galleries offer inspiring contemporary art. The most precious art collections of old and modern masters are to be seen in Slovak National Gallery, with artworks of Slovak and world painters and sculptors.

4) Bratislava Castle Sightseeing

Bratislava Castle Sightseeing

Slovakia has attractive castles which gives the real sense and taste of Slovakia. The most visited castle is the Bratislava Castle. The castle is an iconic white building found in pictures within the city. From this massive rectangular castle you will get excellent views of Bratislava, Austria and, in clear weather, parts of Hungary. Many legends are connected with the history of the castle. There are three entrances to this castle. They include: Sigmund gate, Vienna gate, Nicholas gate. The castle hosts many expositions and is an ideal place for walks with beautiful surroundings and views.

5) Bratislava’s Most Sp- UFO Bridge

Most SNP Bridge

This is one the stunning modern bridge that every eye wishes to see. The bridge was built between 1967 and 1972 it was initially called Most SNP (Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising). But from1993-2012 it was known simply as Novy Most, meaning New Bridge. Later on in 2012 the bridge was given back its initial name. Today many people refer to it as the UFO due to the restaurant’s flying saucer shape and observation desk it has on its top.

6) St Michael’s Gate

St Michael’s Gate

St Michael’s gate was built in the 14th century and has stood as an attractive landmark in Slovakia. It is the only remaining gate in the city walls of Bratislava that was important during the coronation of Hungarian kings. The other gates were Laurinc Gate, Fishermen’s Gate and the Vydrica Gate.  The tower is perfectly framed by the elegant buildings that line the Michalska Street that leads up to it, and inside these buildings you will find some of the most expensive cafes in the city. Nowadays the tower houses exhibitions of weapons and is part of Bratislava City Museum.

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