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30 May

Top 7 Summer Travel Tips

The sun is out and shining bright, and travel calendars are filling up fast. There are so many places to visit this season, whether in Europe, Asia or America. Luxury travel or a backpacking adventure, summer is one of the best times in the year to travel. Let me share some of the best summer travel tips with you as you plan your holiday.

Pack light clothes

Oh yeah, the weather is quite warm, and the temperatures are relatively the best in the year. Make sure you carry with you some light cotton clothes, which will not add weight to your luggage and keep you fresh in the heat. However, many places get chilly by night, so ensure to pack a warm set of night ware as well.

Book mid-week

Here is a secret I’m revealing to you. Most people love to book during the weekends, probably due to weekend getaways but guess what? Mid-week flight fares are somehow low compared to the weekend ones. Some good days I advocate you try booking is between Tuesday and Thursday. For sure, you will save some dollars and thank me later.

Identify the holiday that suits you

This may sound funny, right? But honestly, you have to identify the holiday type you wish to enjoy. Are you looking for waterfront and beach activities?  Or you will spend your holiday with outdoor activities such as wandering in the forests, hiking, camping or biking? Or is it that you wish to explore a city life and its culture and food in a new country? Once you identify the nature of your holiday, planning rest of the days becomes easy. Personally, I love outdoor adventures. What about you?

Stay Hydrated

Summer is different from winter or spring or autumn where you must not take long before quenching your thirst. The temperatures are high, and I strongly advise summer travellers a drinking water bottle wherever they go. Summer heat can make you dehydrated, especially if you are out in the sun enjoying. So, as you pack, ensure you carry water with you all the times.

Understand the Currency Exchange

Smartly planning the currency exchange can help you save some of that greenback. Currency exchange rates and service charges may differ for same currencies in your home country and at your travel destination. Airports generally charge a premium on Currency exchange rate. Also, track the currency of your travel destination for fluctuations in advance, exchanging it at the right time would definitely save on your journey costs.

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Try an All-Inclusive Holiday

Don’t believe the age-old notion that an all-inclusive (room, food, and drink) holiday is always expensive. No matter how true it may sound, the truth is that there are destinations that will offer the same all-inclusive holiday packages at lower prices. Forty travels provide great deals and all-inclusive packages. Check out the latest deals at

Are you now ready for this summer holiday? What other summer travel trips can you add to the ones listed above? Feel free to share with us!