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19 Aug

Top Attractions in Caucasian Countries

Caucasian region is found at the border of Europe and Asia and it’s situated between the Black and Caspian seas. Recently, there has been a wide tourism scope targeting the Caucasian region countries. Out of the five countries i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russian and Turkey, only the first three countries have won the hearts of travelers.

So what are these unique features and sightseeing panoramas that makes tourist completely fall in love with these countries?

Architecture Beauty

Top Hotels in Azerbaijan

Flame Tower, Baku

Cities and towns found in these countries have different exceptional designs compared to modern towns. Ancient architectural designs have given modern architects more wisdom and knowledge in the area of design. A good example is the attracting Flame Towers found in Baku city.

Home to Monasteries

Akhtala Monastery

Akhtala Monastery, Armenia

Caucasian countries boast of hosting many monasteries which attract all sorts of visitors.  Due to early Christianity roots found in these nations, some dating back to 3rd and 4th centuries, many monks had to build these monasteries and fortresses even as they protected themselves from their enemies. A good monastery example is the Seven Church monastery complex found in Azerbaijan.

Prehistoric Countries


Prehistoric settlement in Abkhazia

Old is gold, right? All the Caucasian countries are prehistoric nations that have aided much in the scientific research. Many archeologists and geologists have made these countries their case study even as they explore and discover social, cultural and political life of the ancient people some dating back in the medieval age.


Gergeti Trinity Church

Visit the any Caucasian country today and you will discover that churches are part of Caucasians people. It is globally known Armenia which is a Caucasian country was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in the early 4th century. Rep of Georgia practices orthodox Christianity primarily in the Georgia Orthodox church whose faithful make up a large population. Join thousands of travelers across the world exploring and sightseeing these Caucasian churches.

Taste of Cuisines

Caucasian Cuisines

“Food is for the stomach, and the stomach for food.” And if you fail to honor this statement expect some trouble! I haven’t come across any country in the world that knows the kitchen mastery as Caucasian nations. If you think am giving praise where there isn’t, just pack your bag and enjoy a vacation in any of these countries and come with an honest report about the foods you ate (Halal) cuisines included.

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Festival Celebrations

Caucasian Festivals

You can’t dare miss a Caucasian festival if you have ever experienced it. These festivals are very cultural compared to western festivals. Caucasian people enjoy every kind of festival joyfully with music and dancing their traditions songs being a key event.

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Preserved Culture 


Many countries across the world have forgotten their culture and adapted the western modernization. But these ‘disease’ haven’t attacked the Caucasian countries and it won’t. These countries have long preserved their culture, heritage and traditions which attracts millions of visitors annually.

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