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19 Apr

Vantages in Online Travel Sales

The world’s movement from analogue to digital, offline to online has brought a lot of non-stopping trends, excitements, and awareness that we are in a new era.  Almost all industries such as Hotel and hospitality, travel industry etc. have all had progressing share of equality due to this incredible era. The vantages of moving from offline to online are many but in this article let’s understand how shifting from offline to online will increase the travel sales.

1). Connections with OTAs

Even though some people treat the OTAs as greedy monsters whose mission is to empty all accounts of the traveler, many Online Travel Agents have cleaned up the wrong reputation that they have been given. Mintel did hotel research; a global market research company based in London in November 2016, showed that 36% of bookers book directly via the hotel websites, 33% use the third party channels, and 24% use the offline method to book for their packages. With such OTAs, it’s a good indicator that your online travel sales will automatically increase.

2). Internet world

In today’s generation most people, if not all, have connections and engagements with the internet. Some years back many people could not afford internet bundle charges; a phenomenon that is slowly becoming a history to be told. People are somehow glued to the internet surfing, chatting while some are on business. For instance, many hotels will sell accommodations on their websites, delicious cuisines with a heart-satisfying itinerary.  With photo images showing what they say, bookings start to increase and more efficiently if such hotels are near some attraction sites.

3). It’s Cheap and affordable

Unlike the offline travel sales which are somehow considered costly, online sales have been classified as cheap and affordable. This is probably due to hundreds of online travel websites targeting the clients. The competition becomes an advantage to the client who is left with the final decision to choose which online package is attractive and fits his wallet.

4). Expansion of online payments platforms

With the digital innovation and technology, payments of online services have primarily increased the world’s migration from offline to online. For instance, a few years ago you had to queue long lines in banks to pay for a specific service. But nowadays with accessibility to mobile banking via affordable smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops etc. online payments have become smooth and time redeeming.

5). Help to reach out more destinations

Through online travel sales, clients are exposed to a high number of attractions the site has listed in the hotels or OTAs websites. A sight of a particular location can drive a traveler to visit it for discoveries.

6). Through Mobile Usage

In forecast research on digital and mobile travel done in 2017 by eMarketer’s, it showed that many Americans were to use their smartphones and tablets to book for trip vacations. The research indicated that digital travel sales in the US would reach $189.62 billion, 40.0% which would come from mobile devices.

It’s, therefore, indisputable to say that, the full embrace of travel sales from offline to online will profoundly boost the travel industry with unexpected margin.

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