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25 Apr

Why Travel Agents Need Specialization?

Being a Travel Agent, you must have heard this all the time: Specialization. Why do people prefer a specialized travel agent? because they have extraordinary knowledge and experience about the particular type of travel or destination.
Earlier, people were dependent on travel agents to plan the entire itinerary for them and book the services right from transportation to local amenities. In this digital age, the dependency of travel agents has shifted drastically. Travelers are savvy and technically sound to plan and book their trip.
Like a consultant or an analyst, a travel counselor will attend to client questions, know their pain, and offer expert advice to guide them in making one of the most important decisions—how to spend the most awaited vacation time off.
Roger Block, the chairman of the Travel Leaders Franchise Group, said an agent profiler is an answer to what clients want today. “With all the research that clients are doing online, they are expecting to speak to someone more knowledgeable than what can be found on the Web,” he said. “You, the agent, had better be in the know. There’s no more bluffing.”

Becoming a specialized travel agent, you need some careful planning and exploration. Build on what you already know. Find your niche. Explore your own expertise and skills, and build your market.

For an instant, specializing in romantic travel may mean organizing a couple’s dream honeymoon or destination wedding.
There are many niche travel possibilities but building a successful business takes more than your travel agent expertise. Here are a few tips to consider.
1. Study demographics and interest of your target market.
2. Become an expert on what you claim to be.
3. Create & market your identity to the right place and people.
4. Stay focused on one area.
5. Identify & build your niche.

There is something special you know or do that motivates you to be a travel agent. Look at your interest and skills and stay focused towards them and be the expert you would like to be!

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