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04 Dec

Why Travel Agents Should Constant Self- Check and Deliver the Best Value

Successful travel agents are visionaries with exceptional organisational abilities and people skills. Here is a list you can use to check whether you have what it takes to become a successful travel agent.

No one can predict the future of the travel industry. But with speed it’s growing we can foretell that future will be brighter, bigger and better than is already today. Hence travel agents have a lot to do with catching up with this enormous growth. They need to acquaint themselves with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to woo all clients who come across them and not forgetting the savvy clients.

1)    Professionalism is at Hand

Having a specialization in travel & tourism will help dealing with clients better. Being in an era that demands both professionalism and specialization, an agent needs to “upgrade” from the normalcy services to professional services.


2)    Competitive Times

We are in a competitive world that gives prizes to those who win. As an agent, evaluate your work and basing on your performance, give yourself a prize. If you aren’t happy with that prize, then you have to scale your performance to the best you can give.


3)    Savvy Clients – A nightmare

The advancement of innovation and technology which has led to the availability of internet and smartphones should make a travel agent have a self-check. Savvy clients are on the internet, and they are really “good” at it. You need to “know more than they know.” For instance, don’t just know that Dubai is a nice place for holiday vacation, they already know that. Have a deeper knowledge about Dubai. Which locality in Dubai has best, cheap and affordable hotels, are there free transport from a bus station to the hotel, if no; how much does taxi charge, does the hotel offer special amenities and which one exactly?  Agents need to do a lot of research to “update and upgrade” their travel knowledge.


4)    Is there a Growth?

Travel agents should always ask themselves this question, “ever since I joined the travel industry, have I grown?” Your growth should obviously be manifested by having a significant crowd attraction of clients on your network. Growth is a necessity for a successful travel agent.


5)    Are You Profiting

You are in business and that business ought to give you profit. If you don’t get profit, then there’s a problem somewhere. Play your cards well. Have a right strategy. Give the right, and appropriate travel services and the truth is, that clients will be on the hunt for you.


6)    Maintain Your Reputation

The last and not the least reason why I believe an agent need to have a constant self-check is to maintain a reputable reputation. If your reputation is worthwhile and attractive, it will ultimately sell and bring you many referrals indisputably.

And lastly,

Hire fresh blood. Inspire and mentor them to have a vision and become a role model for them.