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Kakheti Sightseeing & Wine Tours – Georgia Attractions & Activities

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About Kakheti

Over a vintage of 8,000 years, Georgia continues to amaze the world due to her charming wine production she produces. The indubitable fact that Georgia is found in the southern Caucasus region where rich fertile valleys of viticulture are found makes her entwined and inseparable with the country’s national identity. As a matter of fact, wine production is one of the key economic pillars that boost the economy of this historical nation.

Although almost all parts of this republic grow wine, the best globally known region cities in Georgia that grow wine are Kakheti. Due to a long vintage of wine making, the republic of Georgia is well known as a cradle of wine and a birthplace of many prominent grape vines now cultivated across the world.

Things to do in Kakheti

  • Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino (Signagi)
  • Signagi City Walls (Signagi)
  • David Gareja Monastery (Udabno)
  • Tunnel Winery Khareba’s (Kvareli)
  • Alaverdi St. George Cathedral (Telavi)
  • Nekresi Monastery Complex (Kvareli)
  • Gremi Citadel and Church of the Archangels (Telavi)
  • Pheasant’s Tears Winery (Signagi)
  • Shuamta Monasteries (Telavi)
  • National Park of Tusheti (Omalo)
  • Lagodekhi National Reserve (Lagodekhi)
  • Ujarma Fortress
  • Ujarma Fortress
  • Museum of Gremi (Kvareli)
  • Museum of Kvevri Jars and Wine (Telavi)
  • Batonis-Tsikhe Fortress (Telavi)
  • Shumi Winery
  • Wine Tours & Tastings


  • Transportation service (comfortable air-conditioned bus, minibus, car corresponding to the number of pax;
  • Transfers: Pick up and Drop off from the hotel
  • Driver come guide service
  • Mineral water 1 bottle per passenger

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